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Developing: 90210 Reboot with Original Cast!

Chris B

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4 hours ago, YRBB said:


They can't possibly be unaware we want this. All articles on the reboot are, at the very least, slightly sarcastic about the whole thing. Maybe there wasn't interest in a straight continuation (which I doubt). I would be SO there if they picked up the story and kept going.


I imagine it was the cast not wanting to commit to that, just a guess, I doubt FOX or anyone would have turned their nose up at a continuation of the original 90210 (just a guess but who knows?). This gives them the opportunity to work together and play "versions" of themselves. I can see why they all would want to do that. I'm curious to see how it plays out (and how much they really do in terms of the reboot within a reboot angle). I'll give it a shot of course. But for me it's a bit ... wait and see. LOL


I'm completely fine forgetting CW's 90210 ever existed.

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lol at the promo!


They are putting in some nice effort. It just feels ... like a weird idea. I'm not sure about it. But I'm still willing to try.


I can't say recent castings have me very excited, but we'll see.


I do agree they're going to face a LOT of disappointed fans who have no idea what they're about to get ...

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1 hour ago, dragonflies said:


Not really shade but given that the CW said we don want the old people (Garth, Doherty, Spelling & even Rob Estes) I am not surprised there aint much love for 90210 2008 from BH 90210 1990 



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I can’t understand how out of touch they are. I have my DVR set, but why are they so intent on saying nobody wants a reboot. The other reboot was geared towards a younger generation similar to how Degrassi does. Doing a scripted reboot focused on these characters as adults is a whole different animal. Hello, Knots Lansing? That was Donna and Kelly’s favorite show. Big Little Lies. Desperate Housewives. Especially since they want this show the last, they are FOOLS for not doing a scripted reboot. 


I predict they’ll get decent ratings for the first episode but once the fans see what it is they won’t stay tuned. Especially if the reviews are correct that the dramatic stakes are so low. 

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