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"Lust for Life" A Staged Radio Drama

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Hello Soapsters,

  This year, I was able to live a dream in creating a soap opera. Via the medium of radio, as to where soap opera originated from, I scripted a satirical, yet loving send up, called "Lust for Life".

I'd like to share it with you, as soap fans, because the show does have a plot and some truth, but overall it's a fun experience (at least it has been on the production end and for the live audiences):



"Merriam-Webster defines a ‘lust for Life’ as “a strong
desire to live a full and rich Life”. But alas for the
Middle-American town of Vermillion Falls and its citizens.
Some of them are not living as “full” and “rich” a Life as

they would like..."

- ANNOUNCER, "Lust for Life"

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5 hours ago, SFK said:

Congrats on making a dream come true! I listened last night. 


Thank you so much SFK. I appreciate it a lot.

Episode 2 is on the horizon,  and people really enjoyed it, I hope you will too...


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**New Podcast Episodes of "LUST FOR LIFE" !!!**


Episode 2 "The Lust Laugh"...



Episode 3 "Lust and Found"...





Episode 4 "The Best for Lust, Part I"....



**Episode 4 "The Best for Lust, Part II"... Coming in September of 2020!!!**



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