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On 10/11/2018 at 12:55 AM, David_Vickers said:

Rest In Peace Dear Peggy McCay.  Miss her as Caroline, especially every time the Brady Pub is shown.  


Hopefully, when DAYS does honor McCay and Caroline with Caroline's funeral/Peggy McCay tribute, most of the Bradys will be back.  Hoping Stephen Nichols (Steve) is back by then.  I hope for Patsy Pease(Kimberly), Charles Shaughnessy(Shane), Billy Warlock(Frankie), Jen Lilley(Theresa), Christie Clark (Carrie), Austin Peck(Austin), Shelley Hennig(Stephanie) to all come back. And of course Brandon Beemer(Shawn) & Martha Madison(Belle), who both should be back on contract!  Maybe DAYS can get Darin Brooks (Max) from B&B to make a guest stint. It would be an excellent time to bring in Andrew Donovan too.  Rachel Melvin(Chelsea) is another possible one too, maybe even Julie Pinson (Billie), who I'd much rather be back on the show than Lisa Rinna.  

I love this line up. Did teen Joey, Claire, and Ciara share any scenes with Caroline in 2015?

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    • Well I definitely applaud them. Yes, they could have done much much better at least with one of them storylines. But the messages were never lost on me. I was more than touched by Stuart and Lily. @j swift what did you feel about Spike storyline? I remember being so happy they were giving that to one of Erica’s grandchildren.    Stuart portrayal was like a combination of many different types of disorders imo. He represented to me a lot of the fredo Corleone’s of the world. He was so relatable, I saw so many people I knew in him.  I saw some of myself in Stuart, he inspired me, gave me hope too. I’m sure Agnes could have done a better job at giving him a clear illness, I’m fine with the way things played out though. I have a cousin who is kinda special needs(not sure if that’s the right term, my apologies if it isn’t) and he has went on to have many relationships and have children. I don’t believe he’s capable of taking care of himself or the children, but he has them.   I do agree with you, about these missed opportunities, especially with Lily and Jonathan. Do you think every social issue or Character driven storyline is soapy enough, to be told?!     Are you guys excited to hear Wisner Washam new interview?   
    • I strongly doubt  Valentini,  Van Etten and O'Conner know who Conner is. Conner was a fairly obscure character to begin with.
    • Speaking of passions, How exactly did that show get cancelled. I know it was dead last but it did well in the demos they want.
    • I don't feel sorry for Kenya because she strikes me as very self-aware and she knows that her role on the show is being an antagonist and she is more than happy to earn her paycheck by stirring s**t. She knows what she is here for and she is happy playing the part and I am fine with that since she seems to be. But I continue to be fascinated by the number of times Kenya has been subsequently proven absolutely right on things that were hotly debated - and generally against her - in the fandom.  
    • I mean, not to be snarky, but Days has been NBC's only soap for twenty years so it is kind of easy to be their "favorite soap".
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