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Days: RIP Peggy McCay

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On 10/11/2018 at 12:55 AM, David_Vickers said:

Rest In Peace Dear Peggy McCay.  Miss her as Caroline, especially every time the Brady Pub is shown.  


Hopefully, when DAYS does honor McCay and Caroline with Caroline's funeral/Peggy McCay tribute, most of the Bradys will be back.  Hoping Stephen Nichols (Steve) is back by then.  I hope for Patsy Pease(Kimberly), Charles Shaughnessy(Shane), Billy Warlock(Frankie), Jen Lilley(Theresa), Christie Clark (Carrie), Austin Peck(Austin), Shelley Hennig(Stephanie) to all come back. And of course Brandon Beemer(Shawn) & Martha Madison(Belle), who both should be back on contract!  Maybe DAYS can get Darin Brooks (Max) from B&B to make a guest stint. It would be an excellent time to bring in Andrew Donovan too.  Rachel Melvin(Chelsea) is another possible one too, maybe even Julie Pinson (Billie), who I'd much rather be back on the show than Lisa Rinna.  

I love this line up. Did teen Joey, Claire, and Ciara share any scenes with Caroline in 2015?

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