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victoria foxton

Days of Our Lives News: A New EJ DiMera?

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On 10/10/2018 at 12:56 PM, KMan101 said:

I don't see why they'd bother recasting EJ if Ali only wants to come and go. So why bother? Zzzzz. 



Please no. But I'd LOL at it.


Paul was a missed opportunity in many ways. And he really never ended up giving John story. But I liked they shared a lot of scenes together. I know a lot of fans resented Paul but I loved him as John's kid. Though I would have kind of liked him to biologically be a DiMera (either Andre or Tony's, Stefano doesn't need another) but considers John his father.


Anywho ... personally John doesn't need another retcon kid. John and Marlena technically could have a kid out there. I'd rather they do that (when Marlena was presumed dead in 1987(?)) ... and personally Hope should also have a kid out there (when she "died" in the cage explosion after the Cruise of Deception -- I hated they made Chelsea Billie's dead baby with Bo - frankly Billie's kid should have survived in 1998 but with porn Billie it made sense to move on from Bo/Hope/Billie).


No thanks to Hope and John sharing one. Been there, tried that.


I also had wanted Rex and Cassie to be Orpheu's kids at the time but alas. I don't care they're Kate's but they're stupid retcons IMO.

I always thought Roman should have had daughter coming to town looking for him because her mother (Diana) told her he was her father. Roman confuses on who Diana finally realize the girl is actually John’s during his life as Roman. 


They never really write that into stories. Characters just return and automatically know Roman as Roman and John as John. 

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