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Bells Out, CBS In: Did the Bells Really Lose Their Reign at Y&R


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Surfing around inbetween typing up another of my novel and came across the following articles posted 2 days ago.


Anyone else know how on point this article is? Reliable?




WARNING....there appears to be quite a few spoilers on this site...some really intriguing...so enter at your own risk.


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Garbage article, as everyone has said, CBS has never owned a stake in the show. If they had bought it, you best believe there would have been a Sony press release touting some corporate speak about a 'new era of synergy in production' or a 'strategic alliance to build Y&R to new creative heights'...The Bells have a minority stake, Corday Productions owns 1% of the show from their 1970s lawsuit against Bill Bell when he left DAYS, and Sony owns the rest. 

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