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I got to see the first three episodes at a press thing and it's good stuff. I won't spoil anything too much but I was really pleased. I thought they really got going fast and it wasn't bogged down in nostalgia and fan service right from the bat except for two minor things. Patrick Stewart slipped back into the role really easily.


Also, the plot is going somewhere I totally wasn't expected and draws on TNG history in a very clever way.


FWIW, also, Seven isn't in it till the 4th episode and Riker, Deanna, and 


their daughter

aren't in it till at least the 5th or 6th episode, so it definitely has time to breathe and gives Picard and the new crew a chance to shine before the old crew joins in.

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This was very, very impressive. The opening ambush interview (with Merrin Dungey from Alias, who needs more work) was classic Picard. 



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I’ve only seen some of TNG movies and a handful of episodes from season one of the original (Trying to power through the first two seasons before it gets good), but I couldn’t wait so I did watch the first episode of Picard. I’m glad we finally get to go forward with the timeline. Voyager has always been my favorite so it’s nice seeing where the world is now. My only complaint which I always have with CBS All Access is the week by week release. Still, I’m in! Excited to see where this goes and really excited for Discovery. 

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I can give you a very simple guide to necessary eps, at least so far:


- S2: "The Measure of a Man". Rare early classic and introduces Bruce Maddox, the cyberneticist mentioned last week re: Data.

- S2: "Q Who?" Introduces the Borg.

- S3/S4: "The Best of Both Worlds". Legendary two-parter. Picard, the Borg and a nearly world-ending battle.

- S4: "Family". Picard returns to his family's vineyard (which he has taken over in the new show) to recuperate from the Borg incident.

- S4: "Brothers". Data and evil twin Lore are reunited with their creator, Dr. Soong (also played by Brent Spiner).

- S4: "The Drumhead". Jean Simmons is a fanatical Starfleet prosecutor on a witch hunt. Picard must stop her.

- S5: "Unification". Two-parter with Leonard Nimoy as Spock. Picard and Spock work for peace with the Romulan underground. Key to Romulan lore. 

- S5: "I, Borg". The Enterprise encounters a lost young Borg, Hugh. This episode will be very relevant to the new show.

- S5: "The Inner Light." Classic Picard episode.

- S6-S7: "Descent." Two-parter featuring Lore and Hugh. Also important.

- S7: "All Good Things..." The excellent Picard-centric finale.


Two movies very necessary: First Contact, Borg-centric and the only good TNG movie. Nemesis, terrible but very relevant re: the fate of Data.




Voyager elements will become relevant. VOY is a mediocre show with some good stories, but features heavy Borg lore re: Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), who will be appearing soon. Watch "Scorpion" and "The Raven" in S4, "Dark Frontier" in S5 and the series finale, "Endgame". If you're familiar with all these, my bad.


You're welcome!

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2 hours ago, Vee said:

Pluto is great - a new TV channel lineup for cord cutters - but YT has it up for free in great quality.

I love Pluto TV. I have it on all the time, I mostly watch Buzzr on it lol

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Peyton List (Lucy, ATWT) is remarkably strong as evil Narissa. Granted I haven't followed her career since ATWT, but I don't recognize her in terms of her stature or presence in the slightest. She used to be so sweet and weak and now she's got Meg Foster intensity.

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