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Better late than never right?


Back in April, I began my first blog post but convinced that no one really wanted to read it, I only made it available for one member to read. I made another blog post yesterday but wanted to open it to everyone to read--too bad I forgot to change the settings to make it open for everyone to read. 

Only when one or two members started to complain that they couldn't get access to my blog post that I actually discovered the issue.


I couldn't remember how to change the settings, (duh) and kept trying to make the individual blog post open.  Word to the wise: that doesn't work!  Try going to the handle for the blog itself (again, duh!).

Lesson learned.


Anyway, for anyone interested here's a link to this ever evolving blog.



It's comprised of what you might call, scene and storyline sketches.  I likely won't have time for anything more elaborate.


Have fun!

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