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Fall 2018-19 Lineup

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7:00PM - Dateline

8:00PM - World of Dance

10:00PM - Good Girls (likely hoping to cushion it; probably should have axed it or they need a streaming service like CBS where they can put some shows that just aren't going to get a large audience on a network)



8:00PM - The Voice (which is feeling tired to me)

10:00PM - Manifest (New Series) (one and done most likely; event series just don't do well on networks; they also need to stop trying so hard to find the next 'LOST')



8:00PM - The Voice

9:00PM - This is Us

10:00PM - New Amsterdam (New Series)


NA makes sense after TIU but I would have put it on Monday and launched The Village behind TIU for it to succeed. Instead watch NBC put The Village in TIU's timeslot and it'll probably fail. Networks keep making the same mistakes over and over again ...



8:00PM - Chicago Med

9:00PM - Chicago Fire

10:00PM - Chicago PD


Ignoring that they're all the same show with different actors and characters, it's an interesting strategy. It makes sense if you ignore Chicago in front of Med and Fire. Med can probably be solid for them at 8pm, a troubled timeslot for a long time, Fire will do fine at 9pm and PD remains in the 10 slot. I know fans of them cried about them moving out of 10pm slots, but it makes sense. As much as a full night of Chicago shows seems like an overkill at first glance.



8:00PM - Superstore

8:30PM - The Good Place

9:00PM - Will & Grace

9:30PM - I Feel Bad (New Series)

10:00PM - Law and Order: SVU


Interesting to move SVU here for it's 20th season. It deserves the once former iconic spot.


I would have launched Abby's. It has the best shot at success, IMHO.


I know NBC clings to it's Saturday Night Live stars who produce shows but none of these are ever going to be major ratings winners. I wish, like FOX, they'd move on. Not bashing the shows but I typically find them overpraised. Most are funny, and good shows but they just aren't going to be what NBC wants them to be. Brooklyn Nine-Nine's ratings should be interesting to see.



8:00PM - The Blindspot

9:00PM - Midnight, Texas / The Blacklist

10:00PM - Dateline NBC


Blacklist to Friday's at 9pm makes a lot of sense. I forgot about Midnight, Texas but that's the best slot for it I guess. Probably won't see a S3. JMO.

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Are they still doing two cycles of The Voice next season? I totally agree that the show is worn out, and ironically American Idol, the show The Voice helped kill the first time around, has returned to club The Voice at the knee. The Adam and Blake Show is tired; JHud is a bust; they still haven’t figured out how to sustain audience interest past the early gimmick of the chair turn; and the show still hasn’t produced a star. I heard that they are testing AGT during the regular season, but they really need another big hitter in the reality space to take some pressure off the aging Voice.

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