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DAYS recasting popular character with Y&R actress

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11 hours ago, Vee said:

Higley was obsessed with Ava.


She sure was.

12 hours ago, dc11786 said:

Ava was introduced in 2008 during the Writer's Strike, which is generally accepted as Dena Higley's work.


When Ava returned in 2015, it was Higley and Griffith. If the writers were penning separate stories, then it would seem Higley was writing the Ava material. Ava's story dried up immediately when Higley left in February/March 2016 with Ava dying and her secret son being abandoned. Even the Joey / Ava angle was abandoned even though it was leverage that Jade had over the Johnson clan. When Higley returned, Joey's role in Ava's murder played a bit more of a role and Ava's son was revisited.  


Yep. Higley was all about Ava.

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