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Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

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10 hours ago, AlexElizabeth said:

This Gabi stuff is absurd. Why are they prolonging this? Let her go home already. I don't even like her but this is stupid.



I despise Gabi, but c'mon now. They're REALLY trying to make us feel sorry for her. 

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DAYS isn't doing much for me at the current moment. Will and his Cactus Jack "Lost In Cleveland" style story have been an instant channel changer to Steve Wilkos *shudders*


As a straight male, I have no dog in the Chandler Massey fight occurring here (eye candy for me would be over on CBS with Hilary and Maya). That said; I have the somewhat skeptical hope that maybe things can look up for the show.


Also who was the person who said Ron C would eventually write what HE wants to see, not the viewers?

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I'm working at getting caught up on my Days. I just watched Fri May 25 and could not believe how Maggie was being written. They made her behave like a complete CLINT to Teresa. It seemed out of character. 

Otherwise I'm enjoying most of the storylines. 

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