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Paul Raven

Stars that managed to have 2 (or more) hit series

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17 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Efrem Zimbalist  77 Sunset Strip, The FBI


While it wasn't "his" show, he also had a recurring role on daughter Stphanie's show, Remington Steele, in the early '80s. He played Daniel Chalmers, con-man mentor (and possible father) to the titular Steele.

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Richard Dawson---Hogan's Heroes, Laugh In, Match Game, Family Feud


Linda Evans---The Big Valley , Dynasty 


Marcia Wallace--- Bob Newhart, The Simpsons 

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Andy Griffith - Andy Griffith Show, Matlock.

His first show following AGS 'The Headmaster' didn't work as viewers didn't want to see Sheriff Andy tackling 'relevant' themes.It was ditched and he came back later in the season in 'New Andy Griffith' in a more familiar format but it was too late. Don't know why he ever went with 'Salvage 1'.

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Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan - Maude, Golden Girls
Micky Dolenz - Circus Boy, The Monkees
June Lockhart - Lassie, Lost In Space
Rod Serling - The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery
Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis - Car 54, The Munsters
Martin Landau, Barbara Bain - Mission Impossible, Space: 1999. Martin aso recurred on Without A Trace as Anthony LaPaglia's dad.
Valerie Bertinelli - One Day at a Time, Hot in Cleveland
Robert Urich - Vegas, Spenser For Hire
Avery Brooks - Spenser For Hire, ST: DS9 (I don't count the Hawk spinoff, too short)
Katherine Helmond - Soap, Who's The Boss, recurred on Everybody Loves Raymond
Robert Guillaume -Soap, Benson
Ethan Phillips & Rene Auberjonois - Benson, then DS9 for RA and Voyager for EP
Michael Dorn took the character of Worf from TNG to DS9
Richard Anderson was on Perry Mason towards the end of its run, then played Oscar Goldman on both bionic shows.
Lyle Waggoner - The Carol Burnett Show, Wonder Woman
Conrad Bain - Maude, Diff'rent Strokes
Robert Picardo - China Beach, ST:Voyager
Lorenzo Lamas - Falcon Crest, Renegade


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Connie Selecca..............The Greatest American Hero, Hotel


James Brolin.................Marcus Welby M.D., Hotel


Martin Milner.................Route 66, Adam-12


John Forsythe...............Bachelor Father, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty




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