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Third Eye Open

Verse 1:  Memories of your lie beneath my feet / Like shattered pieces of glass / Thinking of each one of them / Makes my delicate heart skip a beat / Lingering emotions stir themselves up / When I see couples holding hands / I regret the fact that I wasn't able / To be fully honest with you

Verse 2:  Tossing and turning is what I do / Throughout most of the night / I often yearn for your touch / Cuddling and spooning the way that we did / Sleeping on the other side of the bed / Waking up and making it together / Then kissing you full of affection / As we headed out into the concrete safari

Verse 3:  I've got you etched inside of me / As well as other countless possibilities / Of what you and I could have become / But you just took off, you went on the run / Being stranded in the ruins of our encounters / Were a blessing in disguise / It proved to me that I'm much stronger / Than I gave myself credit for

Bridge:  It's the little things that ignite / The good times which we shared / And it's the big things which occasionally keep me guessing / About your state of mind / About where I stood on your priority scale / But I'm tossing all that, burning all that away

Chorus:  I was blind but now I see / The kind of person who you really are / I became enamoured with you very quickly / There were a few warning signs / But at least they were not far

Written by B. (2005) Copyright 2005

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Heart of Men

Verse 1:  Unscrambled thoughts, consuming beliefs / Get down on your knees / Obey your master / Get your reward when you transition / Go forth and spread the message across the land / Advisement certainly comes at a cost / Funds collected will aid in your righteousness / Your body, a temple worthy of care / Your body, a vessel for truth or despair

Verse 2:  Underestimation of intelligence / Wanting to learn new things / Analyzing traditional methods / Shaking foundations / They say that youth is wasted on the young / Intoxicated by rhetoric / Elevation of words / Robotic mindset, militant stance / Unwavering appeal / Why don't you see the world like we do?

Verse 3:  In public spaces, people are afraid of originality / They criticize what they don't understand / Differences are rejected / Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly / And expecting different results / Have your judgements / They are contingent on modern attitudes / Social movements gain popularity with the passage of time / Which side of history do you want to be on?

Chorus:  Stories we've come to know / Since time began / So grand, so legendary / Many take a stand / Free-form thinking clashes with preservationism / Ongoing research and intense debate / Reveal the desires and drives of men

Written by B. (Tuesday, May 6, 2014) Copyright 2014

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A Thousand Benjamins

Verse 1:  For the first time, I love someone / I never thought it was possible / That person does not love me back / But I'm just fine with that / The only thing that bothers me / Is that he's with somebody else / I'm no longer the center of his attention / I have become his former lover / I desperately want to be with him / Be close to him in every sense of the word

Verse 2:  I deeply care about the man / Whom I fell for / I love him more than I love myself / He became my world, my home / The only part of him which I have are memories / Every little detail embedded within my heart, my mind

Bridge:  Mmmmm, ooohhh, mmmmm / Shy bordering on anti-social / Longing for conversation / Independent bordering on selfishness / Wanting a friend or two / Unrealistic views bordering on insanity / Needing to change my luck / Inaction bordering on indifference / Refusing to harm myself / Mmmmm, mmmmm

Chorus 1:  Ecstatically happy, then depressingly sad / Joyful and disappointed / Delightfully surprised, then stunningly upset / Amazed and angry

Chorus 2:  Genuinely optimistic, then distressingly apprehensive / Proud and confused / Wonderfully interested, then violently annoyed / Caring and insensitive / Optimistic, apprehensive - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins / Interested, annoyed - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins / Happy, sad - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins / Amazed, angry - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins

Written by B. (Monday, September 5, 2005) Copyright 2005

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Murder of Angels

Verse 1:  Little ones, do not fear / For I am here to comfort you / I bring no harm or sorrow / Let me lead you to your falls / Young boy, listen to me / I'll play with you if you promise to share / Maybe we can become friends / Then I'll take your toys away from you

Verse 2:  Young lady, don't you hurt yourself / For you are filled with so much worth / Boys will come and boys will go / And when they do, you will be used up / Do whatever you want / Or whomever for that matter / Future generations will look up to you as a role model

Verse 3:  This is such a heinous crime / The murder of angels / Don't call the cop; ignore the press / Let us do what we do best / Innocence will turn to guilt / Trust into deception / Your souls will rot to the core / We'll never stop because we want more

Chorus 1:  Children close your eyes now / You have witnessed the murder of angels / Fathers you must disappear / You are partly to blame for our transgressions / Daughters cry your hearts out / For you have been violated / Mothers were oblivious / To what occurred inside their homes / Sons let your rage run wild / It's the emotion you were taught to express

Chorus 2:  All my children run away / You have witnessed the murder of angels / Old men you should die / You are to blame for our transgressions / Ladies, beg, borrow and steal / For you have been violated / Teachers were despondent / To what occurred inside of their classrooms / Lovers let your passion run wild / We're no different than our fellow mammals / There's nothing to be ashamed of / Just do whatever comes naturally

Chorus 3:  Children close your eyes now (murder of angels) / Fathers you must disappear (murder of angels) / Daughters cry your hearts out (murder of angels) / Mothers were oblivious (murder of angels) / Sons let your rage run wild

Written by B. (Monday, June 20, 2005) Copyright 2005

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Verse 1:  I'm being honest when I say that I don't like people / Telling you that I hate them is not being dramatic / I even go out of my way to avoid human beings / Never been close to anyone and never want to / Friends would be a burden / Acquaintances would be time-consuming / Keeping to myself allows me to avoid their drama

Verse 2:  Their general attitude just pisses me off / Their simple mindedness has always been alarming / They are easily manipulated, easily controlled / If I ruled the world / I'd be the only one living in it / Just take a look around / And you will find nothing but madness / This non-existence of ours is truly pathetic

Bridge:  I'm not exaggerating, I'm not telling any lies / This is how people are / They have always been this way / This frustration of mine is slowly taking my life away / The human race is to blame / What a darn shame

Chorus:  Bash their heads in / Spit inside their mouths / Kick em in the balls / Hurt them any way you can / Cut their breasts out / Poke them in the eye / Punch em in the gut / Hurt them any way you can

Written by B. (Friday, June 10, 2005) Copyright 2005

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Things Fall Apart

Verse 1:  In the night, you're not quite as bright / Please, don't put up a fight / Things will be alright / If your lover takes flight / And floats like a kite / My head you shouldn't bite / Things will be alright / Check your height / Adjust your sight / Long are the nights / Things will be alright / You want to be right / But you're not quite as tight / Your words should be light / Things will be alright

Verse 2:  In the night, you're not quite as bright / You're carrying a wounded heart / Things fall apart / Your lover has disappeared / Desperation sets in / You're searching in fear / Things fall apart / Check your weight / It's being used as bait / During the days, you must wait / Things fall apart / You want attention and love / You want to be treated like a dove / Sometimes longing is unfulfilled / Things fall apart

Chorus:  Day in and nights out / Things falls apart / Just when you're settling into place / Things fall apart / You can't hide and you can't prevent it / Things fall apart / Things will be alright / You'll be alright / You may not understand it / You may not believe it / Things fall apart

Written by B. (Saturday, June 7, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Close To The Knives

Verse 1:  You're drifting away, away, away / You're not completely gone / But things have changed / I'll get used to seeing you less often / I won't forget you / I couldn't if I tried / You're drifting away, away, away / Sometimes it seems like it's far / That's when I miss you most / You're not completely gone / But you have changed / And slowly, I think, I'm doing the same

Verse 2:  Days are increasingly mundane / Now that you're not around / This is the new normal / Without you here, time seems to slow down / But when I'm with you / There's not much of it / I mostly want you to stay right where I am / So we can chat, and touch, and kiss / In your arms, in the middle of the night / Is when I'm most comfortable / Whenever we part, sadness takes hold / And it remains until we reconnect

Chorus:  I'm close to the knives / The sharp knives / Which could potentially cause a lot of harm / How I feel for you / Could slice me into pieces / Pieces of perpetual wanting / Pieces of a lonely man / I'm close to the knives / The sharp knives / And sometimes I'm afraid of losing all that I have

Written by B. (Saturday, June 28, 2014) Copyright 2014

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All of Who You Are

Verse 1:  12:38am, there you were again / What a beautiful surprise on a quiet night / Each time you're in my view / I know more about you / I'm de-constructing the mystery that is you / You're casual and relaxed / But not adventurous as before / The mood of the night was somber and it grew dimmer / So you only stayed for awhile / I went searching for you / You had already gone

Verse 2:  Good times are few and far between / When they occur, I make the most of them / I'm in the middle of living and being alive / Only you can take me to the edge of possibility / Where dreams become experiences / And experiences become me / Freedom comes and goes / Just like the way you do / I'm a captive to the circumstances of my life / The friction it causes has rendered me reserved / So if you come calling for me / I may not respond quickly

Verse 3:  See me as I'm seeing you / Help yourself by helping me / Let me absorb your frequencies / Add layers to me / Teach me about your vibes / What you do and how you do it / Is something I'd like to uncover / Never before have I realized the brokenness in me / Until now / Being whole is my newfound goal / And I'd like to achieve it with you by my side

Chorus:  Hey dude, I want you to look at me / The way that I envision you / You've electrified my senses before / Do it once more and reach down to my core / I'm waiting right here for you / Give me something new to feel and to think of  / All of who you are is what I'd like to know / Even how you get low / If you're interested say so

Written by B. (Saturday, July 26, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Journey To Bliss

Verse 1:  If you see something you like / And if it's in your presence / It may not be there for long / Just go for it / This is the place to be anybody  / No judgements, no ridicule, no shame / Just go for it / If you want to touch someone / It should be done respectfully / Ask for permission / Then just go for it / Don't be surprised to see a woman / With a finger or two up her skirt / The beat of the music will transfix / The young and the wild / Their bodies will act accordingly

Verse 2:  Leave the sad things behind, become experimental / Try out different situations for yourself / Find the temperature that suits your body well / And when you do so, you’ll speak your own language / Colour isn't something that's just meant to be seen / There should be large amounts of it flowing through you / The weather outside won't have an impact on the activities / Of the young and the wild / They'll turn into dance animals and imperfect freaks / Their senses will be on overdrive

Bridge:  Sweet sensations could surround you / Only if you ignore the noise in your mind / You can go far if you take a journey to bliss / And when you do, there will be no looking back

Chorus:  Lights out, mood up / Release the fun in you / Experience the vibrations moving through your body / Suppress your worries for the duration of the night / Excitement is yours to explore / Be adventurous / Take a journey to bliss

Written by B. (Monday, July 28, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Teenage Wasteland

Verse 1:  Stay close and do nothing / Climbing through the darkness / The suicidal mind / Man against himself / Step back from the exit / All maps welcome / Before the robots / A heartbeat behind / In search of wings / Looking out, looking in / Feel the fear and do it anyway / Coming apart / You just don't understand / From pieces to weight / One nation under therapy

Verse 2:  Good morning midnight / Fresh wind, fresh fire / A cup of coffee / Shifting gears / In smog and thunder / People move on / Radical desire / Turn on, tune in, drop out

Bridge:  Disindentifications / The broken image / The everlasting hatred / Pretending to be normal / Under and alone / The breakdown lane / Through the storm / Remember to breathe

Chorus:  Unscramble my brains / The lies of the world have taken hold / For seven years I've been digging through this bin / Of teenage wasteland / Unscramble my brains / The lies of the world have taken hold / For seven years I've been stuck in teenage wasteland

Written by B. (Wednesday, August 6, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Wind, Sand And Stars

Verse 1:  Travelling down this ragged a** road / Hoping to transform from ashes to diamonds / Perhaps it's just a fool's party / But if there's a ghost of a chance / Then I'll prevail / I'm pouring my heart into it / I've got nothing left to lose / Turning fantasies into realities / Is usually more difficult than it seems

Verse 2:  Something new doesn't occur every day / The past has a tendency to repeat itself / If I hate my life, I'll hate myself / So I must work harder at combating negativity / I may be on the verge of a breakthrough / But I don't know if I'm dreaming or being a fool / Fact or fiction, opposite ends of a spectrum / Somewhere in the middle is where I am

Verse 3:  I search for meaning, I search for purpose / As a free agent, I'm afforded this much / Identity parades are on display / I'm still figuring out the complexities of me / Washing my brain on a regular basis / Is conducive for mental clarity / Although I've been down for so long / I believe that I'll rise, I'll rise

Chorus:  The wind at my back to push me forward / The sand on my feet to guide me along / The stars in my eyes to inspire me and instill confidence / That's all I need

Written by B. (Thursday, August 7, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Verse 1:  The fierce notion of something exciting about to happen / Intense like a raging bull / It can't be contained, it can't be withheld / Powerful like a nuclear weapon / Valuable like gold

Verse 2:  The jolt of energy being used / To create something long-lasting / Strong and bold / Secure and proud / Dreams are realized / And joy is flowing through you / Challenging to attain / But once you have it, exploration is boundless

Verse 3:  The light of life guiding the way / Along valleys and mountains / When you're focused and determined / There's so much that you can do / Maximizing your strength is always a good thing / You put yourself in a less vulnerable position / Controlling where you venture and how you get there / Will allow you to become more of yourself

Chorus:  Without passion, you breathe just to exist / And not be alive / You're on auto-pilot / Senses function properly / But there's no spark of vitality / You're merely a collection of bones and flesh / Pushed through time / Insignificant at best / You can flourish beyond measure

Written by B. (Sunday, August 31, 2014) Copyright 2014

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You're A Woman, I'm A Machine

Verse 1:  You're a woman, I'm a machine / I'm different in more ways than you realize / I build and destroy / As you wait on the sidelines / This is who I am / Who I'm meant to be / I won't act the way that you want me to

Verse 2:  At my behest, lands are cultivated and transformed / Empires are built, they rise and they fall / Connections are established through me / Ideas are churned out at high speed

Bridge:  Neither inferior or superior / I offer brains and brawns / With that combination, power is generated / I have few luxuries and many responsibilities / The world rest on my shoulders / And I can't ignore that fact

Chorus:  I seek adventure / There's a need to expand my mind / A detox up in the mountains will purify me / I collect and assemble complex pieces of the world / Societies benefit and suffer from my legacy / History is shaped by me / You're a woman, I'm a machine

Outro:  You're a woman, I'm a machine / I build and destroy / This is who I am / I won't act the way that you want me to / You're a woman, I'm a machine

Written by B. (Sunday, August 31, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Mass Romantic

Verse 1:  He says "It's all about love" / With relaxed confidence / To a curious disbeliever / It's a notion many are unfamiliar with / So he explains himself delicately / He doesn't want to convince you of anything / As we all believe whatever we want / "I'm just giving my opinion on the most important thing" / "Love is everything" He said

Verse 2:  Lovers and all who are adequately loved / Are part of a giant club / It's not exclusive, anyone can join / The benefits are plenty / Being inspired has a domino effect / Others will want to learn what you know / Word gets around about the most important thing / Even when it's difficult to find

Verse 3:  "It's what I need" He said with a grin / Leaving the disbeliever confused / "Without it, life is not worth living" / "I want love in abundance" He said / With a slightly raised voice / Whether it's hugs and kisses or hand-holding / It's beautiful in every form / If disbelievers remain skeptical / Perhaps it's not their time / To know what love is

Chorus:  It's in everyone who agrees and disagrees / Traces of it linger in thoughts and deeds / You can resist and push it away / But mass romantic is here and it will stay / It's the reason why we breathe

Written by B. (Sunday, September 7, 2014) Copyright 2014

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Get Away From Me
Verse 1:  Who smiles whenever you cry? / I do - it's pleasurable / Who gives you wrong directions? / I do - it's enjoyable / Who interrupts your conversations? / I do - it's pleasurable / Who brings up your bad memories? / I do - it's enjoyable / Who exposes you for the trash that you are? / I gladly do, I gladly do
Verse 2:  Who's pulling you down when you climb up? / I do - it's pleasurable / Who insults and disrespects you? / I do - it's enjoyable / Who's disrupting your plans? / I do - it's pleasurable / Who makes it difficult for you to earn a living? / I do - it's enjoyable / Who's criticizing your behaviour? / I do - it's pleasurable / Who exposes you for the trash that you are? / I gladly do, I gladly do
Verse 3:  Who afflicts you with torment? / I do - it's pleasurable / Who puts you in dangerous situations? / I do - it's enjoyable / Who shatters your belief in miracles? / I do - it's pleasurable / Who calls you explicit names? / I do - it's enjoyable / Who dreams about your demise? / I gladly do, I gladly do
Chorus:  Don't want to be influenced by you / Get away from me / Indifferent to your pain and suffering / Get away from me / Life is a game to play and to win / Get away from me / Remain vigilant - you're my enemy / Get away from me
Written by B. (Friday, December 26, 2014) Copyright 2014

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