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Third Eye Open

Verse 1:  Memories of your lie beneath my feet / Like shattered pieces of glass / Thinking of each one of them / Makes my delicate heart skip a beat / Lingering emotions stir themselves up / When I see couples holding hands / I regret the fact that I wasn't able / To be fully honest with you

Verse 2:  Tossing and turning is what I do / Throughout most of the night / I often yearn for your touch / Cuddling and spooning the way that we did / Sleeping on the other side of the bed / Waking up and making it together / Then kissing you full of affection / As we headed out into the concrete safari

Verse 3:  I've got you etched inside of me / As well as other countless possibilities / Of what you and I could have become / But you just took off, you went on the run / Being stranded in the ruins of our encounters / Were a blessing in disguise / It proved to me that I'm much stronger / Than I gave myself credit for

Bridge:  It's the little things that ignite / The good times which we shared / And it's the big things which occasionally keep me guessing / About your state of mind / About where I stood on your priority scale / But I'm tossing all that, burning all that away

Chorus:  I was blind but now I see / The kind of person who you really are / I became enamoured with you very quickly / There were a few warning signs / But at least they were not far

Written by B. (2005) Copyright 2005

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Heart of Men

Verse 1:  Unscrambled thoughts, consuming beliefs / Get down on your knees / Obey your master / Get your reward when you transition / Go forth and spread the message across the land / Advisement certainly comes at a cost / Funds collected will aid in your righteousness / Your body, a temple worthy of care / Your body, a vessel for truth or despair

Verse 2:  Underestimation of intelligence / Wanting to learn new things / Analyzing traditional methods / Shaking foundations / They say that youth is wasted on the young / Intoxicated by rhetoric / Elevation of words / Robotic mindset, militant stance / Unwavering appeal / Why don't you see the world like we do?

Verse 3:  In public spaces, people are afraid of originality / They criticize what they don't understand / Differences are rejected / Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly / And expecting different results / Have your judgements / They are contingent on modern attitudes / Social movements gain popularity with the passage of time / Which side of history do you want to be on?

Chorus:  Stories we've come to know / Since time began / So grand, so legendary / Many take a stand / Free-form thinking clashes with preservationism / Ongoing research and intense debate / Reveal the desires and drives of men

Written by B. (Tuesday, May 6, 2014) Copyright 2014

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A Thousand Benjamins

Verse 1:  For the first time, I love someone / I never thought it was possible / That person does not love me back / But I'm just fine with that / The only thing that bothers me / Is that he's with somebody else / I'm no longer the center of his attention / I have become his former lover / I desperately want to be with him / Be close to him in every sense of the word

Verse 2:  I deeply care about the man / Whom I fell for / I love him more than I love myself / He became my world, my home / The only part of him which I have are memories / Every little detail embedded within my heart, my mind

Bridge:  Mmmmm, ooohhh, mmmmm / Shy bordering on anti-social / Longing for conversation / Independent bordering on selfishness / Wanting a friend or two / Unrealistic views bordering on insanity / Needing to change my luck / Inaction bordering on indifference / Refusing to harm myself / Mmmmm, mmmmm

Chorus 1:  Ecstatically happy, then depressingly sad / Joyful and disappointed / Delightfully surprised, then stunningly upset / Amazed and angry

Chorus 2:  Genuinely optimistic, then distressingly apprehensive / Proud and confused / Wonderfully interested, then violently annoyed / Caring and insensitive / Optimistic, apprehensive - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins / Interested, annoyed - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins / Happy, sad - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins / Amazed, angry - a thousand Benjamins, a thousand Benjamins

Written by B. (Monday, September 5, 2005) Copyright 2005

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Murder of Angels

Verse 1:  Little ones, do not fear / For I am here to comfort you / I bring no harm or sorrow / Let me lead you to your falls / Young boy, listen to me / I'll play with you if you promise to share / Maybe we can become friends / Then I'll take your toys away from you

Verse 2:  Young lady, don't you hurt yourself / For you are filled with so much worth / Boys will come and boys will go / And when they do, you will be used up / Do whatever you want / Or whomever for that matter / Future generations will look up to you as a role model

Verse 3:  This is such a heinous crime / The murder of angels / Don't call the cop; ignore the press / Let us do what we do best / Innocence will turn to guilt / Trust into deception / Your souls will rot to the core / We'll never stop because we want more

Chorus 1:  Children close your eyes now / You have witnessed the murder of angels / Fathers you must disappear / You are partly to blame for our transgressions / Daughters cry your hearts out / For you have been violated / Mothers were oblivious / To what occurred inside their homes / Sons let your rage run wild / It's the emotion you were taught to express

Chorus 2:  All my children run away / You have witnessed the murder of angels / Old men you should die / You are to blame for our transgressions / Ladies, beg, borrow and steal / For you have been violated / Teachers were despondent / To what occurred inside of their classrooms / Lovers let your passion run wild / We're no different than our fellow mammals / There's nothing to be ashamed of / Just do whatever comes naturally

Chorus 3:  Children close your eyes now (murder of angels) / Fathers you must disappear (murder of angels) / Daughters cry your hearts out (murder of angels) / Mothers were oblivious (murder of angels) / Sons let your rage run wild

Written by B. (Monday, June 20, 2005) Copyright 2005

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