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Actors with last names A-Q have been posted on Page 1, along with the page of their most updated profile.   Performers with no page are going to be added in the next week, and a page number will be added when their "Hopper" profile arrives.  Actors with last names R-Z will be posted late night once I'm done typing them up.     In the future, names will be added as I add them in.


I hope this new format makes it easier for everyone to find the actors they are looking for! 

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Gregory Abels                       ANOTHER WORLD                   Dr. Fielding                         1979

Dorothy Blackburn            ANOTHER WORLD               Mrs. Crossley         1984

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Robert Burr            ANOTHER WORLD      Ed Brookman              1979

Terri Eoff (Misner)            ANOTHER WORLD         Sandra            1987

Elizabeth Parrish       ANOTHER WORLD             Mrs. Blitzer                1979




Coming  up next


Dean Harens

June Dayton

Robert Webber

Lisa Howard (I)

Coe Norton

Ruth Matteson

Marjorie Gateson

Hildy Parks

Ross Martin

William Redfield

Leila Martin

Nancy Malone

Frances Helm

Murial Kirkland

Dolores Sutton

Millie Perkins

Nancy Coleman

Michael E. Knight

Bill Hayes

Leon B. Stevens

Kathleen Gati

Laurie Landry

John Gibson   (I)

Barbara Britton

Susan Bigelowe

Jerry Ayres

Mitch Brown

Tony Bennett

Malachi Throne

Charles Taylor

Bill Tatum

Janine Turner

Katerina Arroyave

Jennifer Anglin

Todd Andrews

Jeff Allin

Hope Alexander Willis

Deke Anderson

Larry Atlas

Jennifer Ashe

Phylicia Rashad

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