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Soap Hoppers --The Soap Actors And Roles Thread

slick jones

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28 minutes ago, slick jones said:

I had Detective scribbled in the margin of my notes, but it could have been for the name above or below it.  I'm sure you're right. I'll fix it and double check my notes and move Det. to the right name. 

I couldn't recall if Chris was perhaps an undercover detective working on the film. I believe Falzone was a contract player and I was always surprised that the character was written out so quickly. 

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There has been a lot of discussion about Mrs. Yost on The Edge of Night and who played her.   I remember Mrs. Yost, and she was played by the late Selma Diamond.   I don't argue that Norma Connelly did not play the character as well, but I missed her episodes if she did.


Also, I was about to add that Elizabeth Franz had played Wilma Marlow #2 on All My Children.   However, I then realized that her look-alike (at least to me) Ruby Holbrook had played Wilma #2.   Jo Henderson (who had created the role) later returned to it, and the actress who had said "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature" played her in the end of the run.

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Eric's initial work on radio came in Big Sister and Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories.[7] Her roles on radio programs included those shown in the table below.

Program Role
Betty and Bob Jane Hartford[8]
Big Sister Diane Carvell Ramsey
Central City Emily Olson[2]
The Falcon Nancy[10]
Joyce Jordan, Girl Interne

Joyce Jordan Sherwood

Dorie Winters

Lorenzo Jones Irma Barker[12]
Road of Life Beth Lambert[13]
Lil Monet[14]
The Second Mrs. Burton Lillian Anderson[15]
Valiant Lady Eleanor Richards[16]
Young Doctor Malone

Marsha Sutton Mason
Lucia Standish[18]


THIS IS NORA DRAKE        Dorothy Stewart     



BIG SISTER          Diane Carvell Ramsey  

EVER SINCE EVE        Unknown Role


LIFE AND LOVES OF DR. SUSAN        Abby Bradford

MOMMIE AND THE MEN           Mother


ROSEMARY      Jane Taylor







SEARCH FOR TOMORROW        Nurse Smith      1952

THE ROAD OF LIFE          Lil' Monet         1955

THE EDGE OF NIGHT     Unknown Role      Unknown Year

THE SECRET STORM     Mrs. Borman      1968

ANOTHER WORLD      Wedding Attendant     1968

AS THE WORLD TURNS    Mrs. Bradley      1971











A TIME FOR US/ FLAME IN THE WIND   Unknown Role 1965 or 1966

THE DOCTORS       "Little Boy Doctor"   Dr. John Morrison       1967-68

THE SECRET STORM      Corey Boucher (faux Sean Childers)  McGonagle   1970-71

NUMBER 96           Jeff Connors         1980

KNOTS LANDING      Teddy Becker      1981

HAIL TO THE CHIEF   Major Brower      1985




CHANGE AT 125TH STREET       Unknown Role    1974



CAPTAINS AND KINGS    Courtney Wickersham   1976

THE ROLLER GIRLS     Don Mitchell   1978

SUGAR TIME        Don Roberts    1977-78

HILL STREET BLUES    Vic Hitler    1983

NIGHT COURT      Reporter Al Craven    1984

CAROL AND COMPANY    Skit Characters     1990-91

PIG STY     Steve      1995

LIVE SHOT     Raymond Piskoff    1995

GOOD COMPANY    Bobby McDermott    1996

WALKER, TEXAS RANGER   Charlie Brooks     1997

BAIL OUT     Marty Napolitano    2013-14

JOHNNY DYNAMO     Mickey   Petrucelli    2014



WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S    Bernie Lomax    1989








THE DOCTORS       Unknown Role    1966 according to her book......

THE SECRET STORM        Wendy Porter             1966-67

THE BEST OF EVERYTHING          April Morrison     1970

GENERAL HOSPITAL             Heather Turner          1972






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THE SECRET STORM        Bruce Edwards       1955

MODERN ROMANCES       Unknown Role     week of 6/4/1956  

Fred Ellis    "The Sacrifice"  week of 7/22/1957

 Martin Somers       "Pity of Revenge"  week of 11/11/1957

                                             Unknown Role   week of 2/10/ 1958

Tom            week of 5/19/1958

TRUE STORY      Unknown Role   "The Treasure" 5/25/1957

                              Unknown Role    "Designed by a Daughter"   3/1/1958

                              Unknown Role     "3:10 Local"

AS THE WORLD TURNS   Tom Pope (temporary) 1958

ALL MY CHILDREN            Harry Flax       1972-73

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW       Sergeant Don McKay     1980

SANTA BARBARA                 Pops MacLaughlin       1985

LOVING                                 Tim Sullivan               1994



FAMILY           Simon Remsen               1976

                         Steven Bank                     1978


Edited by slick jones
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ONE LIFE TO LIVE            Jamie Rumson         1980

THE HAMPTONS             David Landau             1983

THE EDGE OF NIGHT     Attorney Brian Murdoch     1984

ONE LIFE TO LIVE           Rod Riviera              1990

SISTERS                            Jack Chambers       1995





NORTH AND SOUTH BOOK I        Major Elkanah Bent     1985

NORTH AND SOUTH BOOK II       Major Elkanah Bent     1986

NORTH AND SOUTH BOOK III      Major Elkanah Bent     1994     


STRONG MEDICINE                       Dr. Robert Jackson       2000-05










THE SECRET STORM     Joe Sullivan       1960

AS THE WORLD TURNS      Jim Norman     1962

THE EDGE OF NIGHT       District Attorney   Nick Bryce    1964

THE DOCTORS         Reverend Ben Burke     1966





FAMILY       Doug Lawrence          1976-80











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THE BENNETTS   Unknown Role    1953

THE SECRET STORM      Father Farrell    1956-57

THE EDGE OF NIGHT        Unknown Role   Unknown Year

THE GUIDING LIGHT      Dr. Bruce Banning     1961-66


DARK SHADOWS          Stuart Bronson        1966

THE SECRET STORM     Wilfred Hollister       1968-69

AS THE WORLD TURNS   Mr. Barton      1969-70

LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING     Dr. Ernst Schneider    1970

LOVE OF LIFE                 Dr. Otto Kreisinger   1971

HOTEL                           Joe Freilich      1984





ALL IN THE FAMILY     Father John Majeski   71-73

DOC           Dr. Joe "Doc" Bogert      1975-76
MISTER MERLIN     Max Merlin      1981-82

THE CAVANAUGHS    Francis "Pop" Cavanaugh    1986-89

BLOSSOM               Buzz Richman     1991-94



THE LOST BOYS    Grandpa        1987




Season Hubley

James Pickens, Jr.

Shawn Christian

Mark Collier

Ralph Byers

Jerry Orbach

Richmond Hoxie

Janice Heiden

Kaitlin Hopkins

Fawne Harriman

James Harper

Betty Henritz

Linden Chiles

John Karlen

Stanley Kamel

Geoffrey Ewing 

Mark Damon Espinoza

David Ciminello

Larry Block

John Baragrey

Edited by slick jones
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I forgot that I had already done Shawn Christian, but here's a couple replacements....






AS THE WORLD TURNS           Chip Kelly        1979

THE GUIDING LIGHT      Dr. Matt Davenport   1982

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW  Denny Peterson   1984

LOVING    Drunk guy with Ava, Flynn and Paul    1991

GUIDING LIGHT   Anthony Camaletti (A.C. Mallet) (Temporary)  12/1991-92

AS THE WORLD TURNS    Steve Hennessy    1992

LOVING                            Leo Burnell   1992-94

ANOTHER WORLD          Dr. Murray          1998

AS THE WORLD TURNS       Agent Noah Beachman          00











DALLAS                                 Justin Carlisle                        1981

FALCON CREST                    Sheriff Turk Tobias               1981-82

DYNASTY                              Dr. Egleston                               1982

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS    Detective Carl Williams   1982 (Temporary)

CAPITOL                                Sam Clegg                              1982 

                                                Spencer Benay                        Unknown Year

HOTEL                                   Leonard Graham                    1985

KNOTS LANDING                Customer                                 1985

                                               Dr. Martin                                 1985

THE COLBYS                       Henry Marlis                             1987

SANTA BARBARA               Art Paxton                                 1992




STEVE CANYON               Sergeant Walsh                        1958-59

BRIDGET LOVES BERNIE     Father Mike Fitzgerald       1972-73

FAMILY                                  Dr. Reston                                1976













ALL MY CHILDREN            Carla _____ Stolpinsky           1984

SANTA BARBARA               Katie ____  Wallace     1985-86

THIRTYSOMETHING  Birdie Kravitz    1988

ALL MY CHILDREN            Wilma _____ Marlowe    1994

SISTERS                               Mrs. Jacobson        1995


also   .....

ADAM'S RIB          Gracie Peterson    1973

KAREN            Dena Madison  1975

THE PRACTICE            Molly Gibbons            1976-77

THE ROPERS               Ethel __  Armbrewster     1979-80

THE GOLDEN GIRLS         Gloria Petrillo     1991

MURPHY BROWN    Phyllis       1990; 1996

PHILLY                         Judge   Ellen Armstrong        2001-02








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SUNSET BEACH           David                                              1998-99

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210     Mitch Field                                2000

AS THE WORLD TURNS    Mike Kasnoff                         2003-07; 2009

DAYS OF OUR LIVES       Liam Frazier                           2013-14  

JANE THE VIRGIN           Slick Lawyer                           2018









Edited by slick jones
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Cotsworth was once described as "the busiest actor in radio," having performed in 7,500 broadcasts in 12 years.[1] His roles as a regular cast member included those shown in the table below.

Program Role
Amanda of Honeymoon Hill Edward Leighton[4]
Big Sister Dr. John Wayne[5]
Casey, Crime Photographer Casey[6]
Front Page Farrell David Farrell[7]
Inspector Thorne Thorne[4]:347
Lone Journey Wolfe Bennett[8]
Ma Perkins Gideon Harris[9]
Mark Trail Mark Trail[10]
Mr. and Mrs. North Lieutenant Weigand[11]
Pepper Young's Family Jeff Taylor[12]
Roger Kilgore, Public Defender District Attorney Sam Howe [4]:582
The Man from G-2 Major Hugh North[4]:432
When a Girl Marries Phil Stanley[4]:717

Other programs on which Cotsworth appeared included The Right to Happiness as Alex Devalans


The Story of Mary Marlin,[16]


THE GUIDING LIGHT      Ray Brandon (aka Roger Barton )

LORA LAWTON          Unknown Role

MARRIAGE FOR TWO       Roger Hoyt





MODERN ROMANCES    Unknown Role      "Blackmail"       week of 12/20/1954

KITTY FOYLE         Unknown Role             1958

THE EDGE OF NIGHT    Doctor            1962

THE DOCTORS          Dr. George Mitchell     "New Wings for Old"  week of 1/20/1964

AS THE WORLD TURNS          Ralph Brown       1967-68

SOMERSET          Doctor, Missy Matthews      1970




PEYTON PLACE       Charles Partridge     1957

Edited by slick jones
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CBS DAYTIME 90 "The Guest Room"  John Banks   2/13/1974

ONE LIFE TO LIVE               Harry O'Neill          1984-86; 1987 (heaven)

HOTEL                                   John Dunson     1986

AS THE WORLD TURNS      Ned Simon           1992-93

ALL MY CHILDREN              Sid Sheffield           1997

LIPSTICK JUNGLE                James Schuyler     2008






CORONET BLUE                Michael Alden            1967

N.Y.P.D.                               Detective Johnny Corso     1967-69

MOVIN' ON                        Will Chandler       1974-76

THE FAMILY TREE      Kevin Nichols     1983

DOLPHIN COVE   Michael Larson    1989






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LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING            Audrey  Hurley      1968

MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN                  Mae Olinski          1976-77

FROM HERE TO ETERNITY   Gert Kipfer    1979; 1980

THE COLBYS                                                      Mrs. McAllister       1986

FALCON CREST                                  Nurse Claudia Chadway        1987

MELROSE PLACE                               Joan ____    Campbell      1992; 1993; 1997




VALERIE   Catherine   1989

SUPERBOY    Martha Kent    1988-92

L.A.LAW     Beatrice Schuller   1992-93

1914-1918        Narrator     1996

STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE              The Changeling          1994-99






Edited by slick jones
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GENERAL HOSPITAL   Attorney, Phil Brewer   Unknown Year

THE SECRETS OF MIDLAND HEIGHTS    Jesus           1981

DALLAS                                                    ____Garcia      1982

DYNASTY                                      Salvador Ramon      1982

GENERAL HOSPITAL             Ambassador Tabris         1982

FRESNO                                   Commandante                 1986

ONE LIFE TO LIVE                  Dante Medina                   1987

GENERAL HOSPITAL            Colonel Enrique Ramos      1987

SANTA BARBARA                Rafael Castillo            1989-92

SISTERS                                _____ Benedetto             1995

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL    Dr. Carlos Nunez    1998; 2001

ONE TREE HILL                  Dr. Adams     2005



THE HIGH CHAPARRAL        Manolito Montoya     1967-71

THE NEW DICK VAN DYKE SHOW     Alex Montenez    1973-74

HARRY O                               Detective Manny Quinlan    1974-75

THE WALTONS                     Barry    Stone              1979

ZORRO AND SON   Don Diego De Vega, Sr./Zorro  1983

ME AND MOM      Lieutenant Rojas    1985

ZORRO                       Don Alejandro de la Vega              1990-93










RYAN'S HOPE                    Nancy Feldman        1978-79

THE DOCTORS             Dr. Darcy Collins           1980-81

ONE LIFE TO LIVE         Georgina Whitman        1982

HOTEL                            Wendy Carlton              1986

THE COLBYS                  Georgina Sinclair           1987

DYNASTY 2.0                Diana                              2017



IVAN THE TERRIBLE   Svetlana Petrovsky  1976

WORKING GIRL                 Bryn Newhouse          1990

STAR TREK:DEEP SPACE NINE       Kira           1993-99

DARK ANGEL     Dr. Elizabeth Renfro/Madame X   2001

WILDFIRE                            Jean Ritter        2005-08

FULL OUT         Xan     2016



Please register in order to view this content




 LOVE OF LIFE   Lavinia "Vinnie"  __  Phillips    1970

BEACON HILL            Mrs. Hacker                    1975

KINGS CROSSING     Louisa Beauchamp        1982

SANTA BARBARA     Gladys Biddlesworth      1990



SAINT ELSEWHERE      Marjorie Andrews        1988




Edited by slick jones
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7 hours ago, slick jones said:



MELROSE PLACE                               Joan ____    Campbell      1992; 1993


I just finished season 6 of MP, and she makes an appearance at Billy's wedding to Samantha, which was in the first half of S6, so that must have been... 1997?

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John Gabriel      Dr. Swann     As the World Turns     2005

Salome Jens      Joan ___ Campbell      Melrose Place   added 1997

Dr. Joyce Brothers     Dr. Joyce Brothers    As the World Turns 1981

Staats Cotsworth     Doctor, Missy Matthews    Somerset     1970

                                      Ralph Brown As the World Turns   added 1967-68

Reuben Greene       Officer Graham       As the World Turns   Unknown Year

David Snell      Dr. Jerry Morgan       Ryan's Hope     Unknown Year

10 hours ago, Brolden said:


I just finished season 6 of MP, and she makes an appearance at Billy's wedding to Samantha, which was in the first half of S6, so that must have been... 1997?


Fixed, Thank You @Brolden

7 hours ago, P.J. said:

Dr Joyce Brothers appeared on ATWT in 1981, according to the 40th anniversary book. 


Is Kurt McKinney  really not listed? I swear I've checked the listing twice this morning, but don't see him 

Fixed, and KM will be included tonight. 

Thanks @P.J.


1 hour ago, danfling said:

I am sure that STAATS COTSWORTH appeared on Somerset.


My memory is not perfect, but I believe that he played a physician who treated Missy Matthews (probably when she had drunk some un-pasteurized milk at the carnival.)



Added and will be added to the cast list as well.   


Thanks, @danfling

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