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Soap Hoppers --The Soap Actors And Roles Thread

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Richard Burgi Additions

GRAND HOTEL    Michael Finn    2019



VIPER        Lane Cassidy     1994

ONE WEST WAIKIKI     Detective   Mack Wolfe  1994-96

THE SENTINEL     Jim Ellison   1996-99

24   Alan York/Kevin Carroll    2001-02

JUDGING AMY      Michael Cassidy     2002-03

THE DISTRICT    Captain   Vincent Hunter    2000-03

LAS VEGAS     Vince Peterson    2007

HARPER'S ISLAND    Thomas Wellington    2009

CHUCK    Clyde Decker     2011

BODY OF PROOF   District Attorney  Dan Russell    2013

THE OATH     Nathan Andrews     2019





Robert "Skip" Burton

THE DOCTORS        Mel  Harvey  1978-79



LASSIE        Ron Holden     1971-72


ex-husband of actress Karen Black



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MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN   Godza        1977

AS THE WORLD TURNS       Nassos  the Fisherman    1983-84

THE COLBYS    Nikos Lavados    1985-86

GENERAL HOSPITAL     Prelate    Unknown Year

DAYS OF OUR LIVES    Theodore Andropolous   1988



BARETTA   Mr. Nicholas      1975-76


YOUNG DOCTORS IN LOVE       Sal Bonafetti      1982

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Nicholas Surovy   ONE LIFE TO LIVE    Rudy Lavasso    1982










GUIDING LIGHT     Joe Morrison      1993

ALL MY CHILDREN       Lieutenant Cody    1994-95

SIGNIFICANT OTHERS    David Lerner     1998

PARTY OF FIVE     Dr. Dick Grayson   1998

TIME OF YOUR LIFE     Mr. Halloway      2000

ALLY McBEAL         Judge William   Kopesky    2001




SEINFELD      Krueger    1997-98

MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE    Commandant Edwin Spangler    2000-02

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LOVING                Cop     Unknown Year

AS THE WORLD TURNS     Stephen Lange       1991

GUIDING LIGHT      Reverend Ruthledge    Unknown Year

ONE LIFE TO LIVE      Reverend Hendrix     Unknown Year

                                      Bodyguard     Unknown Year

ANOTHER WORLD     Professor Bonds    1996





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SEARCH FOR TOMORROW      Gladys __ Weed    1973

ALL MY CHILDREN     Mrs. Schultz   Pine Valley High School Teacher    1981

ONE LIFE TO LIVE     Yolanda     Unknown  Year

THE EDGE OF NIGHT     Mrs. Arnold    1981

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I just realized, to my shock, that one of the most celebrated and longest-running actors from As The World Turns is still missing from the list. I can't believe I hadn't noticed that before, I guess I'd always thought he'd been done somewhere in the first 20 pages. In addition to his 35 years on ATWT, I know he had at least one other daytime role, and he was cast on a third show. He was also nominated for 8 Daytime Emmy's, taking home 2 of them.


Slick, would you be so kind as to do a hopper profile for the legendary...


Larry Bryggman

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LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING     Unknown Role  Unknown Year

AS THE WORLD TURNS    Dr. Denton    (original character)1969

                  Dr. John Dixon    1969-2004; 2010



@Paul Raven  said

Larry Bryggman also was cast on GL  (Mike Bauer I think) but had military service and had to drop out.


Thanks, I was totally unaware of this.


Edited by slick jones
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Julia Campbell    additions


WOMEN IN PRISON         Vickie Springer        1987-88

KNIGHT AND DAY    Janet Glickman      1989

HERMAN'S HEAD    Elizabeth     1992

CUTTERS    Lynn Fletcher     1993

BLUE SKIES    Ellie Baskin    1994

A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME    Meg O'Donnell 1995

MEN BEHAVING BADLY    Cherie Miller    1996

CHAMPS      Doris     1996

MARTIAL LAW       Melanie George       1998-99

DEXTER     Sally Mitchell     2009

THE RESIDENT     Vivian Betournay    2018-19

TELL ME A STORY     Cora    2019-20






The actor list on page one has been updated.

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4 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Larry Bryggman also was cast on GL  (Mike Bauer I think) but had military service and had to drop out.


That's the "was cast on a third show" I was referring to above, indeed.


Thanks slick!

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