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An in-hospital bingo game from 1978...check that dig on game shows and soap operas a while in. If only we still had that type of low quality programming now.



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Isn't it great that there's just been two iconic books on Whitney Houston in the past 6 months ... one by her mother Cissy Houston and one by her lover Robyn Crawford? If only those people had lived, maybe Whitney would have had long lives?!!!


Cass (Stephen Schnetzer) and Lila (Lisa Peluso) where Cass's 'Curl' is shown prominently. AW fans adopted the 'Curl' & gave themselves nicknames of ownership of it. Then, when AW went off the air in June 1999, Cass was one of several castmembers who were moved over to ATWT. There the hairdressers wanted to cut off the 'Curl'! Horrors! He had to explain to them why not. I wonder what Stephen's upcoming movie "A Case Of Blue" will be like.

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7 minutes ago, Dion said:

@DRW50 Yes it was so eerie yesterday here in Auckland.


That said, it's nothing compared to what is happening across the Tasman


Geez it must be awful for you and of course for everyone in Australia. Sorry - I know posting a tweet is a bit glib.

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@DRW50 Oh no, don't worry I didn't find the tweet glib at all.


Auckland is about 2200km (1367 miles) across the sea from the east coast of Australia so I'm still a bit removed from the situation, but yesterdays skies were obviously a worrying reminder of just how horrific everything must be over there right now.

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