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TV commercials we hate


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2 hours ago, Faulkner said:

Geico and Progressive. And to a lesser extent, Allstate. I don’t remember insurance companies being this aggressive years ago.


Just be glad Liberty Mutual has seemingly dialed back its campaigns.

Me either. When I was growing it up it was mostly grocery items like food, gum, soda, dish detergent, laundry soap, furniture polish etc...now it's mostly car insurance 24/7. I read that after it was mandated that every driver by law had to have insurance, Geico amped it up doing their stupid little comedy ads and all other insurance agencies jumped on the bandwagon to compete with them. I hate how Geico claims they will save people 15% or more on their insurance. All insurance companies follow a set rate and they will not cut their own throat just to get you as a customer. I still say Geico will have a scandal at some point. 


I also hate now in every commercial they have some dork looking at and swiping their phone showing a downloadable app or saying hashtag this and hashtag that. Most of the time spokes person doesn't even look up. It's just a camera pointed at them looking down at their phone.  People are too connected to that thing. No wonder there are so many car accidents. I have almost been killed several times because people are playing with their phone while driving. 

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