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TV commercials we hate


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10 hours ago, YRBB said:

Avoiding commercials is one of the two main reasons I almost never watch live TV. I cannot stand the constant breaks. I make sure to catch up online (where I GLADLY pay extra not to have ads) or I DVR and naturally fast-forward through ads.


You and me both!! As a caregiver, I am in places with live TV so I do have to catch the commercials while on the clock, as it were.

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Celebrity perfume commercials are always goofy, but for some reason they seem more embarrassing than usual. Keira Knightley's the only one that doesn't make me cringe, but Natalie Portman's ("I LOVE YOU/PROVE IT!!") and Julia Roberts's (with that big horse-teeth smile at the end) are bloody awful. The Charlize one is just silly.






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It seems like in my area all I see is CAR INSURANCE, web sites, prescription drugs and cell phone service. I rarely see anything else advertised. It's those 4 things the vast majority of the time. 


Geico is the biggest offender to me. They are constantly cranking out new ads and they show them at least 8-10 times in an hour, sometimes 2 per break. They are also on radio, in magazines, billboards, internet, sports events etc.... and they have begun sticking ads in my mail. I have a feeling a big scandal will come out about them soon. If they are advertising that hard, they have to be ripping off their customers and padding their executives pockets. 

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