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Y&R November Sweeps 2017

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Since Mal Young's interview was too vague (and my internet is working YAY!!!), I figured that I would post what he has said for what he plans for November Sweeps. You ready?




A scandal hits Newman Enterprises keeping Victor busy at protecting his legacy. Victor and Nick's bad blood will rise again. Meanwhile, Nikki and Victor keep tolerating each other.




Billy has his work cut out for him with his women as his shady deals catch up with him. Billy and Phyllis will continue to be the comedy couple while Vicki's health issues come to a shocking conclusion that impacts everyone in ways they have not foreseen.




The drama with the Abbotts is just beginning as they face their biggest challenges of all. Each family member will have a different reaction to this. Also Jack will have his hands full with Nikki and Dina.




Lily gets a curveball that makes her question getting a divorce. Cane will face something unexpected.




Jordan crosses Hilary. A game of cat and mouse begins.




Mariah will address her feelings for Tessa as she discovers who she is as a person.




Scott will put himself in danger and it will impact his relationship with Sharon. Meanwhile, Sharon will have to deal with disapproving Lauren.




Neil makes a bold move that pushes his life and career forward, turning him into a major player in Genoa City who others turn to for advice.


All in my own words of course.

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42 minutes ago, Hunk Chandler Massey said:

Sounds like the same drivel SSM was doing. And of course Lily is going to forgive that loser that is Cane...barf.

Wasn't drivel. ;p


And yep on Cane. Just ugh.

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47 minutes ago, ChitHappens said:

Neil as Dear Abby!  Nothing new about that. POC listening to and counseling the white characters is a part of Daytime's legacy. Take this weak chit somewhere else, Mal!  

While it sounded per some spoilers like Devon was finally going to get some teeth...That? Yeah...even I read that and rolled my eyes.



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17 hours ago, Hunk Chandler Massey said:

Sounds like the same drivel SSM was doing. And of course Lily is going to forgive that loser that is Cane...barf.


MY was the producer who signed off on everything she wrote. Why wouldn't it be more of the same?


But yes it all sounds snoozeworthy.

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This is what I've suspected will happen based on the writing of the new regime-men will be driving all the major storylines while the women function as secondary characters.


Now I really suspect that MY intervened in some of the stories where Victor started to get more and more involved in Brash and Sassy and possibly Nick's storylines.  I sense that he will be creeping back  into having a hand pretty much everywhere as he did in the past.  


This is unfortunate.

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