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LATEST RATINGS: October 23-27, 2017


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13 minutes ago, Hunk Chandler Massey said:

Well Well Well finally a nice bump for Days. The Bonnie madness plus the Will story had viewers tuning in.




And SSM next to last episode got a 3.4 rating on Monday??

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Why of course...like that column in this past week of SOD said, everyone loves a THE QUEST, a story with characters we root for to find something/someone. DAYS has the looking for Will. Meanwhile, Y&R had the Abbots looking for Dina. Rootable interests being for John, Marlena, Sami, Sonny,  etc and Jack, Ashley, Traci respectably.


Meanwhile Patient 6 is a Quest as well now that he has hit town like the man who was trying to get home and all that.

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Omg omg omg GH surged bigtime. I told u all people were raving right and left about this thrill ride. Steve Burton is worth every penny .the patient 6 story is just awesome. Chris Van Etten u are such a fresh young voice to the soap world. My dear Shelly Altman to say u are the biggest supergem girl u are killing it in the main seat. Best writing team in years.

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