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Y&R November 2017 Discussion Thread

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1 minute ago, edgeofnik said:

Ugh. Dina causing the fire? This isn't shocking, it's stupid.

Out of all places she goes there and finds a back door open?

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And the scooby doo gang going to party at the Underground when all they had to do was ask Nick(Reed's uncle) for permission which for sure he would have said yes. So lame.....

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Watching Mariah so vulnerable and emotional was upsetting. Camryn Grimes absolutely hit it out of the park and it's upsetting because it's being wasted. Imagine this storyline playing out opposite a strong actress. You've got CG spilling her guts and you, as the audience, feel her pain. What a shame.

Also, kudos to Sharon Case for providing a balanced reaction. The whole scene at the ranch was well done.   

EDIT: Oh crap. I just realized I posted about the Canadian episode. My apologies.

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37 minutes ago, Ponds said:

The entire idea of blaming this on Dina is just plain f*cking stupid.  What the hell are the writers thinking?

At a guess, Nick will get the blame by the characters. He was seen by the teens, whereas Dina was not. Plus the lighting of the matches. Because, well yeah.


But yes, a lot of credibility was stretched in setting up that fire, including Nick’s random comment about preferring to set fire to the club than let Victor take it over. The purchasing of the liquor company shoehorned in there. After suddenly becoming a sulk over Scott being the Newman ‘golden boy’. It was the human equivalent of 1940’s movie pratfall.

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2 minutes ago, Ponds said:

When had Dina EVER been to The Underground?  I'm sure it's not next door to the Abbot mansion, so why was she there?

Plot device.....it's just dumb.

I am sure Nick will believe he was at fault but that doesn't bother me one bit....LOL


It should have been Cane setting the fire and getting back at the Newmans with him unaware his family was in the building.

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Can anyone pinpoint how the twins and Reid got into the Club from a back alleyway...and don't know how to get out?  Instead they go run into a locked room in the club - when they hear someone in the Club....but don't just go OUTSIDE?  FROM WHERE THEY CAME FROM???

It's simple things like this that make me say - yeah.  You want to talk about Amish Reva, Clone Reva, Reva through a painting, etc. etc. etc. etc. On Guiding Light - you laughed at it, and rightfully so. But now You have people that walked into a room - snuck in from where they came, and have no idea how to get out.  What Bar Owner or Restaurant owner shows up and lights up a Pumpkin?  And then the hood chillens locked themselves in a room.  And an old woman who has never set foot in Said Club - not only shows up there, but also strikes a match and a whole bar lights up over 1 bottle of spilled liquor.  OK. 

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