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Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

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If you click through you see the allegations against Dershowitz. Unbelievable. I always kind of respected his willingness to go to the mat to give even the worst a fair trial. This whole situation is full of corruption from the FBI, lawyers, so many people. Sadly, I think Clinton, Prince Andrew, and AD are all guilty as alleged.  In the case of BC it really breaks my heart to believe he is capable of this, although weren't there rumors that he got a teenager girl pregnant back in Arkansas?


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Not surprised to see Adam Robitel's name in there - I knew he was an ex-Singerite. It's a shame since he made a good horror movie, The Taking of Deborah Logan, with Jill Larson. I also did work on Escape Room (in marketing, not in production; I don't know him at all). A lot of Singer's boys have done good work since, but I don't trust any of them.* (David Hayter of course is the voice of Solid Snake from my beloved Metal Gear Solid, but I'm pretty sure he's too old for Singer.)


Meanwhile, in both racism and sexism news (remember Gabrielle Union?):



* - that aside, it must be noted the article doesn't accuse Robitel of any wrongdoing. I just find any of Singer's former young pals suspect.

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