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Dancing with the Stars: Discussion Thread

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The opening made it seem like a beauty pageant. I'm watching since there is nothing else on . I wanted to see geek Nev dance along with AH and ODAT Machado.

Oh and Chrishell sp??...

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Man, I really do feel like watching this, and I never have, not even when Lucci was on lol I'm totally here for Nev, Nelly, Chrishell, Carole, and Justina. Why not just bring back The Surreal Life and have them on?

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I will watch Justina when they post it. Nelly's dance looked fun though. I'm glad Chrishell is doing well.


I hate that ODAAT's return to what seems like a safe harbor (Pop) got derailed by COVID-19 midway through filming their now-truncated fourth season. It was good but I wonder what's next. They're urging people to watch the CBS reruns of Season 4 and I hope y'all do, it was good. I hope Pop is still standing by it despite these very difficult times that have upended everything. At least The Conners (which I have like 6 episodes of to watch) is allegedly already back filming.


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10 minutes ago, dragonflies said:

People probably tuned in out of curiosity.

That’s my guess too. Between Tyra and the cast... not sure much from last night will inspire people to keep tuning in, though. We shall see. The pre-premiere marketing did its job, and now the show has to do a lot of the work itself.

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I wish DWTS had gotten Max too from MTV Catfish to compete against Nev. I've always found Max hot.


As for the ratings...I doubt the numbers will remain high. 

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This show is a shambles. Lots of production mistakes (cuts to empty chairs where people should be, cameramen stumbling into frame). And Tyra has no rapport with the judges, dancers, and stars. She was practically shooing Artem out of her shot when he appeared to give the update on Kaitlyn. She’s trying to steal the spotlight on a show that’s by definition an ensemble piece.


There’s zero time for the judges’ comments yet time for Tyra’s inane questions.


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Tyra is still getting trashed on social media, but the ratings have really held up, sort of vindicating ABC’s choice (even if people are tuning in for the train wreck factor).

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    • I strongly doubt  Valentini,  Van Etten and O'Conner know who Conner is. Conner was a fairly obscure character to begin with.
    • Speaking of passions, How exactly did that show get cancelled. I know it was dead last but it did well in the demos they want.
    • I don't feel sorry for Kenya because she strikes me as very self-aware and she knows that her role on the show is being an antagonist and she is more than happy to earn her paycheck by stirring s**t. She knows what she is here for and she is happy playing the part and I am fine with that since she seems to be. But I continue to be fascinated by the number of times Kenya has been subsequently proven absolutely right on things that were hotly debated - and generally against her - in the fandom.  
    • I mean, not to be snarky, but Days has been NBC's only soap for twenty years so it is kind of easy to be their "favorite soap".
    • Idk, I feel like Days, much like GH, has always been their own networks favorite.  I think they both have always had a little more leeway especially now since they are the last ones standing.  I can't see how Days/Gh don't make some money.  Obviously, Days works on a shoestring, but I think they still do okay.  Plus, they still resemble a show that was great years ago with all the vets still involved.  They have had a lot of awkward stories, but NBC is a network that greenlit Passions for many years.
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