A man returns with Jason’s face and will be connected to many who wouldn’t have known him with that face.

The friendship between Jason, Sam, Sonny and Carly will be affected when Jason and Sam pursue a new life.

Josslyn and Kristina’s pursuit of romance will challenge Sonny and Carly’s relationships with their daughters.

There may be more to Oscar than many know.

Franco’s journey of discovery takes him in a terrifying direction.

Franco’s past demons may affect his relationship with Liz.

Andre plays a part in Franco’s story and also has connections with some other people.

Alexis heads back into the dating pool while trying to ignore her feelings for Julian.

Finn and Anna’s partnership in an attempt to locate Hayden delivers a surprising response.

Valentin and Nina’s relationship could be stirred up as Anna continues searching into the past.

Ava and Griffin’s bond is explored.

Kevin helps Laura deal with the challenges of Spencer’s civil suit against Valentin.

Bobbie and Carly created obstacles in Michael and Nelle’s relationship.

Maxie comes up with a plan in regards to the publishing party surrounding Man Landers.

Charlotte’s custody case is finally settled.

Stella continues to be anti-Curtis/Jordan.

Kristina makes a self-discovery and her and Valerie’s friendship grows.

Ned and Michael may not see eye to eye where EQL is concerned.

There may be romance in Dr. Bensch’s future.


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