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B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

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So Brooke 'reminded' $B of all she gave up to be with him. Huh? Oh, you mean, the wedding you walked out on in Oz after seeing Widge with Quinn? And falling into $B's arms in front of Sydney Harbour less than 24 hours later?


And already with the GayJ chorus of putting the family back together? Forget that Widge had 3 children with Taylor v. 1 with Brooke.... And why is it that Brooke always has to turn to another man the moment ANY crisis hits? It's truly appalling. Why not have Brooke fight for her marriage? To work with $B to understand why he makes these choices. Or better, take a closer look at herself as to why she was oblivious to all these things that $B has done during the past few months. 


Is the show at least playing out better on screen versus the recaps?

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