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Film Awards Thread

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The Green Book writer who tweeted anti-Muslim stuff has apologized. Lots of Oscar campaign rehab going on this week, in addition to Gaga disavowing R. Kelly.



While a lot of the blowback is deserved, it’s always fascinating to watch how rival studios take each other down during Oscar season, especially with stuff that’s already been publicly available but didn’t cause controversy when it originally happened (like the Farrelly penis-flashing admission from 1998, a pre-social media era).


Nate Jones writes about it in Vulture:



 This kind of opposition-research leaking the week Oscar voting begins is perhaps not a coincidence: Last year, I got anonymous DMs from someone who wanted me to write about pervy passages from Christopher Plummer’s memoir, right around the time he started getting supporting actor buzz.

Many in Hollywood still haven’t learned any lessons from the #MeToo movement, but awards strategists seem to be picking up the new rules pretty quick.


I found that line telling: how #metoo has been used not to make Hollywood workplaces safer or more equitable, but instead cynically used as a weapon to exact revenge or cripple enemies.

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