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Finally a story for Kristina???






Kristina’s life will soon be thrown into chaos by the return of her former professor/lover, Parker, as Ashley Jones is headed back to GH in the role she created in 2016. GH confirmed the news in a tweet, saying, “Oh hey, @AshleyAJones. Funny seeing you here. @_lexiainsworth [Kristina] #GH #ParkersBack.” Jones tells Digest, “I really want to say thank you to those that supported this character and patiently waited for her to return.”

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So what?  The problem is, they didn't write a story for something that practically writes itself.  Alexis was too PC and then it came down to Sonny accepting his daughter was a lesbian.  Alexis should have gone batchit on a professor taking advantage of a student but deep down, she is struggling with her kid being gay (which is genuinely how I believe I would feel).  Krissy didn't struggle with it much either.  This should have played out more than it did, but GH doesn't really care about being interesting.  



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Eh ... wish I cared. I wanted to. This must have been the announcement Frank was hinting at yesterday. I wonder how long she'll be around?


Ashley's also doing the travel commercials with Kaley Cuoco.

1 hour ago, Soapsuds said:

She should be on B&B but Brad can't even write for Brooke.


Who's Brooke?


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