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Beatles history began 7.6.1957


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Music lovers worldwide come together to celebrate Global Beatles Day on June 25. The occasion pays tribute to the Beatles and the impact they had on both music history and pop culture. Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison first recorded together as a foursome in 1962 — after producer George Martin fired original drummer Pete Best.  The band’s work throughout the decade remains unparalleled in pop music.  


Alice (@theninjarabbit) tweeted at 0:20 PM on Tue, Jun 25, 2019:
Happy #BeatlesDay !!! https://t.co/IHWSZ2CH4w


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Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper) tweeted at 3:00 PM on Sat, Jun 29, 2019:
The Beatles' self-titled album spends it 200th week on the Billboard Album Chart this week. The album has sold over 12 million copies in the US, and is The Beatles' most-certified album, at 24-times platinum. https://t.co/uwxM4iyVGn
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J. D. Young (@youngmindtweets) tweeted at 11:00 AM on Sun, Jul 07, 2019: Ringo Starr wants you to tweet #PeaceAndLove today in honor of his birthday! "Give Peace A Chance" was released by John Lennon, 50 years ago today, July 7, 1969.

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The Beatles Bible (@beatlesbible) tweeted at 10:15 AM on Thu, Aug 01, 2019:
1 August 1969:
All four Beatles begin recording a song together for the final time – Because on the Abbey Road LP.
They record 23 takes, with harpsichord, electric guitar, bass, and hi-hat. Lennon, McCartney and Harrison then added three-part harmonies.
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Daily Beatle dot Com (@dailybeatlecom) tweeted at 0:34 AM on Mon, Aug 05, 2019:
Today in #BeatleHistory in 1966 the album 'Revolver' was released. This marked the beginning af a new era as the songs were less about love stories and more about life around them. Also today the single 'Yellow Submarine' was released, the biggest selling single of 1966 https://t.co/aC69UIC85S
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Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper) tweeted at 6:00 PM on Sun, Aug 04, 2019:
Today marks the 61st anniversary of the Hot 100!
Top 10 Hot 100 artists of All-Time (1958–2018)
1. The Beatles
2. Madonna
3. Elton John
4. Elvis Presley
5. Mariah Carey
6. Stevie Wonder
7. Janet Jackson
8. Michael Jackson
9. Whitney Houston
10. Rihanna
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