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Days: July 2017 Discussion Thread

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4 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

Drake has always been an awful actor. What's all this before nonsense...:lol:


LOL, thank you. He's had his moments. But I've seen enough older episodes and clips and he always looks like he's sniffing something bad. I think the charm and chemistry that exists between Deidre and Drake masks some of his faults. But I like him, I don't think he's horrible, there are worse but he's never been the strongest of actors.

1 hour ago, YRBB said:

Overall, fun episode on Monday. Bonnie & Hattie being a blast, some good stuff with Eric & Jen, Maggie didn't annoy me (much as I love her, she often annoys me, depending on how she's scripted). It sounds like she may ALSO be getting a story with Bonnie involved, and that's good for me. John, Paul, and Xander all grunting at each other for an hour and looking yummy. I'm OK with that.



At least they tried!


Bonnie and Hattie were hilarious at times. Fun stuff. Some of it was really over the top but I'll take some comedy after the show has been so dour and dark and miserable. Comedy has been missing for a while. And it's nice to see Judi and Deidre be used for a change.


Maggie didn't annoy me as much either but she's become ... slightly cold. I don't know. She used to be so warm but something's just off to me. I used to adore her. Now I roll my eyes seeing her. I hope that changes.


38 minutes ago, YRBB said:

Chad to Gabi: "You're a fierce woman" Yes. Fiercely stupid. Fiercely basic. Fiercely annoying.




SO [!@#$%^&*] annoying. I swear they're writing her annoying on purpose to please those of us who can't stand the bitch. I want her to become a scheming bitch. I'm a bit surprised she's hanging around. Wonder what Ron has planned for her. I hope JJ's not stuck with her again, but they seem to be building up to Lani/Eli.


12 minutes ago, YRBB said:

Useless Gabi being useless. Having to be protected and coddled by Chad while pretending to be a strong, tough, independent woman. Whatever.


Loved Hope and Rafe being scolded by Raines. :lol:


Marci Miller is going to be a star for this show. You can tell when she's written strongly, like when she walked into the room Dario was in and gave him that fierce look. If they continue like this, she'll be a spectacular recast. It doesn't work as well when she's bubbling and scaredy (which is always tougher to pull off).


Jennifer confronting Brady and then that sweet ending with the donuts was great. That exchange about jealousy and pride was on point!


The letters stuff was also very interesting. That shot of Eric coming back to the office and Nicole thanking him was written, directed, and acted as classic soap. 


That cliffhanger -- if you come with me! -- was great.


Gabi is pathetic. She was so awful today. She sees the writing on the wall. And Chad is awful for stringing her on. This whole romance between them was a mess and it remains a mess.


I enjoyed the Eric/Nicole stuff. I hate what happened to them and how they were destroyed for Daniel becoming the love of Nicole's life, but man they slightly pulled me back in. I liked a lot of what they had Nicole saying, it's things I've wanted her to say and acknowledge for a long time (her behavior and hating on Eric). I hated how they ignored Eric and Nicole's history and didn't use that as part of Nicole's angst in forgiving Eric.


Jennifer was so good. I really enjoyed her calling Brady out and seeing Brady's paranoid jealousy come out. He's extremely insecure. I think it's fitting for his character. I liked those scenes.


I had hoped Marci would rise to the occasion with Ron writing and she has. Abby has her backbone back. She is proactive again instead of reactive. She's stronger than Dena let her be. So much improvement. I really love the amped up Dario/Abby stuff. Much more entertaining and interesting than I thought it would be or what it was before. Dario works well as a villain.


Also loved Raines taking Rope off the case. Good stuff. And I had to LOL as Eli came in and took over. I like Raines but they need to tone down the angry man stereotype. I'm all for gruff and rough around the edges ... I wonder if Ron will expand on him and develop him a bit more or use him for a purpose and write him out.


Not everything's perfect but I'm liking the show again. I see a lot of little improvements.


Like today, Abe actually was given a POV and airtime. I really thought he and Valerie were sweet. I thought Abe was a tad OTT in his reaction to Theo 'working for' the DiMera's but I get it. I'm all for some tension and drama. I love the inclusion of Theo in all of this.


Steve and Kayla would have never been given this kind of writing under Dena. I loved their night of romance and the bracelet and the sign language and the anchor bracelet ... I think this kind of thing is exactly what Sheri is there for. I'm sure she had a say/hand in it.

2 hours ago, YRBB said:

Marlena and Adrienne: "Sometimes I wish there were two of me!" Cut to Bonnie & Hattie. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:  OMG this fυcking show!


Jennifer looking like she came straight from filming LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, complete with tooth stain......


LOL. The wardrobe on this show is absolutely horrid.


And I lol'd at the dialogue.

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8 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

Yeah that was the episode Nicole was on and FF the whole episode. I hope she isn't on today's show.


If you FF the whole episode how do you know it was bad/snoozeworthy? LOL

7 hours ago, Aback said:

Say what you will about RC but he is not afraid of showcasing the ladies. IMHO


And they won't be weak pushovers like Dena wrote the women. I see an improvement already.

1 hour ago, Toups said:

I usually don't react when someone gets slapped but when Abby slapped Dario, I said, "Woah."  I was surprised by how hard and real that slap was. lol



I actually like this Dark Dario. We should've seen him plot and plan for months to get and marry Abby. Then you build up to him getting caught. That classic soap stories get ratings.  



Loved seeing Steve doing sign language to Kayla. 






Some are going to hate the show no matter what but I see a lot of little improvements so far.

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This episode is boring beyond belief.


LOL at Tripp's first episode under Ron and he's shirtless. SHOCKER ;) but I'm not complaining.


Dario is scum

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The best we can hope for in regards to Nicole is that Ron C can write a decent exit for her.  Not a total repair, but at least salvage some of the former aspects of Nicole.  If peeps doubt it can be done...MarDar managed to repair Chloe enough to write her out in 2011 when they took over the month or so before.  It's just a shame follow up writers undid the repair work of MarDar. 

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4 hours ago, Sindacco said:

The main problem with Nicole is not the writing, it's AZ.


It's both

4 hours ago, Cheap21 said:

Is Days worth watching again?


Some would say no but some find everything boring and awful. I see little improvements. I'd give it a shot. Things are going to start wrapping up. It's not perfect and things won't get fixed overnight but I'm able to sit through an episode now.

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4 hours ago, Sindacco said:

The main problem with Nicole is not the writing, it's AZ.

Agreed...she is a horrible actress. I never understood all the fuss/buzz about her.

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*I must say a shoutout to MBE for the subtle way she had played Kayla's loss of her job similar to a bad breakup. You could tell that Kayla put her heart and soul into being a doctor. I like it that a woman in a soap is being depicted as having the same care toward her own career as she would her family or a romance. Often times, we just see women whining about men or looking to pregnant. Seeing Steve help K every step of the way was what I needed to see in this show.


*I would love if they could recast Joey with someone with less distracting hair. It takes me away from any scene with him. 

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