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Would u take back JFP as EP of GH?

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5 hours ago, GSGfan2017 said:

A's departure from GH in 2002 may have been involuntary, but it's my understanding that his contract was up anyhow.  At least from a legal standpoint, I can't say that A was fired from GH.


I can. Whether or not he would have walked away, Bob Guza (who by mid-2002 had creative control superceding JFP) had no interest in Roy staying. Roy and JFP's fascination with AM had also destroyed the show in 2001. AM was tolerable on GH until JFP arrived. She ruined it for him.

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12 hours ago, cassadine1991 said:

Daytime After Dark is ran by a stan who really hates Kelly Monaco, so badly she's accused KeMo of sleeping around in order to be front and center

What does "stan" mean, cassadine1991?  In a 2011 episode of Daytime After Dark that featured Nelson Branco as a guest, the host Carly claimed that Kelly Monaco can't act.  Nelson defended Kelly, claiming that Ms. Monaco can act and that she cares about the daytime soaps.  Kelly used to be a Playboy Playmate, which would have been a big stigma for an aspiring television actress back in the '70s.  Just ask Martha Smith of Scarecrow and Mrs. King fame.

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Interesting JFP tidbit - this was posted in the GL thread, but looks like the first episode of GL she produced aired in July 1991. This channel is currently posting episodes from 1991, so very interesting to see how the change from Robert Calhoun to JFP may have impacted the show (obviously, Curlee and team are still writing it at this point). 



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