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Big Brother 19

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I first saw shows like Mission Impossible, Green Hornet, Family Affair, Ghost & Mrs. Muir, and Nanny and the Professor thanks to FX. That was a lifetime ago...


Anyway, I do think The Americans is alright. So that's one good show amidst 15 years of dog [!@#$%^&*]. 

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The season hasn't started yet, I'll actually wait until I see the cast before I decide whether I watch or not. II usually give it 2-3 episodes. Some seasons, I didn't bother watching, but some seasons I have really liked.


While this isn't about FX shows, many of their dramas have been great... Justified, The Shield, Sons of Anarchy as well as The Americans. Say what you want about Ryan Murphy, but American Crime Story O.J.  was an outstanding mini-series.


Looking forward to seeing who this seasons breakouts and jerks are like every year. 

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I don't bother with videos of them before the show starts anymore or trying to come up with first impressions. It's hilarious to watch the fandom on twitter already pick favorites. I thought I would DESPISE Dan in BB10 and absolutely loved him, so I wait until I get an idea of how they are on the live feeds and how they are on the main show. BUT, that being said ... lol ... On paper, I'd like to root for Dominique, Christmas Abbott, Ramses. Maybe Mark. Josh seems like another Devin. Matt seem OK. Not sure on Raven or Jillian. Jessica seems DOA to me for some reason even if Janelle is who she thinks she's similar too. Megan seems like another Tiffany, too paranoid for the game but maybe could be good at it. Jason seems like a snooze. Cody seems OK but let's wait and see a few weeks if the douche comes out from some of the guys. Alex seems like another Joey/PowPow. Elena could go either way. Even though the cast seems a tad better on paper, I'd like the show to get an overhaul and a new casting director and producer. Robyn doesn't do an awful job but they cast too many cliche stereotypes. Just cast 18 people. If they're a cowboy, great, but stop recruiting to fill types.


So, we'll see how accurate I am.

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3 hours ago, KMan101 said:

Man, such Debbie Downers!


I'm giving this season a chance despite the last several being [!@#$%^&*]


And this isn't about FX shows

You're getting feisty aren't you?

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The house looks ... better than normal, I suppose. I like it but it's always such a mishmash. It's still sort of ugly. BBCAN and BBUK do it SO much better. Why can't this show get their [!@#$%^&*] together?


I mean they brought BBCAN's comps person in last year and they didn't want him to change anything. I swear Grodner has to go.


I also get sick of everything being about showmances. It's asked about in interviews, Jeff hammers it home in his video interviews ... lawd. I wish they'd cast 16 married people. There's always a promising female player who gets suckered in with a moron that ruins their game. (Canada's showmances aside, actually)


Rumors also have Paul from last year going into the house. I LOVE Paul but I really hope not (though I can already see it). They wasted vets in BB13, BB14 and BB18. I'm tired of returning players being wasted on newbies (although a vet won BB13 and BB18, and Dan SHOULD have won BB14 to be the only BB two-time winner, but Ian wasn't the worst, Steve, Andy, Boogie and Adam take that crown)

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