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I knew Virginia would be pregnant, but Roller being the father would actually be...................... not so exciting? He's a MAN HO and everyone, including Desna, knows it. Who knows how many children he's already fathered. But Desna's sweet innocent autistic brother Dean? That's loaded with conflict since Desna has already been weary of Virginia.

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VERY satisfying finale!  They really packed that hour without it being a disjointed mess.  My only challenge was that I didn't see a sense of urgency from Jen that I think we should have in regards to BreAnn being kidnapped.  There were moments but she should have been frantic from beginning to end.  


I take that back.  I have another challenge. What kind of coincidence was it to have Polly in the same motel where the young girl was being sold by her mother?  That kind of coincidence does not work for me. Did I miss something?  


Otherwise, wow!  Reva is THAT bitch!  She left NOTHING to chance.  Power had to change hands about 5 times at that old lady restaurant.  Those old biddies were locked and loaded!  Desna will never be free now!


We lost Wanda :(  Heffa went down like a gangster tho!


Jen and her bf have massive chem and I love them together.  Can't wait to find out his angle.


The doctor?!!!!!!!  I knew something might be up but not that.  One helluva ending.  It's clear Roller and Bryce knew nothing about it by the looks on their faces.  


Overall, terrific season and I can't wait for S2!

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