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Gunman Opens Fire At VA Softball Field

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One congressman has been shot. the Congressional Softball Game for Charity had congresspeople there this morning were practicing when a person opened fire on them. GOP members were practicing. One congressman, @SteveScalise, was shot. anywhere from between 14-50 shots were fired. BREAKING NEWS....

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Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona just spoke at length about the shooting as he was one of those on the baseball field.  I saw bits of it on the livestream.


The shooter was described as a chubby, White male who had a LOT of ammo.  A Black man (not sure whether he was part of the police detail/security detail) who had been shot in the leg, took down the shooter.


Trump, not making a formal


statement so far ( because...not a terrorist, I guess), has only tweeted and has only mentioned Rep. Scalise though others were shot too.


No ridiculous statements from the NRA yet, but it's still early...


EDIT:  The man who took down the shooter, appears to be a policeman.

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