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Richard Simmons Sues The National Enquirer

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Well, I mean, if it gets that bad that you have to make a video to prove that you are alive ... :rolleyes: But I hadn't heard about this sh!t. :mellow: 


Let the man be. I don't know if his withdrawal from the public eye was because of problems or because he just wanted to, but WTF is wrong with that? You don't have to do it! Jesus. 

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The stories all make it sound like he holes up inside his house like a hermit or that he's being held there but there are reports that he does go out, perhaps less conspicuously. Can't really blame him for wanting the privacy. Apart from the celebrity, he's got people always wanting his help and he's an extremely empathetic person, by accounts. My own speculation is that it's a combination of needing the me-time, age catching up and I think he had knee surgery a few years ago which affected his fitness level.

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