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American Idol: Discussion Thread


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2 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

Supposedly, American Idol bumped a new comedy from Carol Burnett off the ABC lineup. Rumors are that they are retooling the comedy and that ABC is still interested. Also, if ABC doesn't pick up the series that NBC might.


I remember reading she had a new project in the works a year ago. I don't think I would have watched but it's a shame to see a legend get punted in favor of a show that has been a piece of [!@#$%^&*] for a decade.

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On 5/9/2017 at 8:45 AM, Soapsuds said:

It's going to tank. It was doing so poorly on Fox and barely hanging on to any ratings. At least Jennifer Lopez won't be involved. I couldn't stand her on it. I actually hated the whole panel. They need to bring back Randy and Paula IMO. Simon won't be back because he is under contract with NBC. I'd love them to hire someone else besides Ryan Seacrest as host but you know he'll be back.

Well, Seacrest has to do that morning talk show with Kelly Ripa in New York City five days a week now.  American Idol is based in Los Angeles.  If TPTB really want Seacrest to return as host, why can't they move the show to New York?  I can't say that I'm not worried about Seacrest ending up in an early grave.

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1 hour ago, DonnaLoganFan said:

Chris Daughtry became a huge star after he got elimated from American Idol. 

Totally, which is why that was such good shade. Katharine was trying to throw Taylor Hicks under the bus (in a very classless way), but she got her tactics thrown right back in her face.

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19 hours ago, David_Vickers said:

Taylor Hicks DESERVED TO BE THROWN UNDER THE BUS AND RAN OVER.  Hell, he's probably driving a bus now.  He was the WORST winner ever of IDOL.  




He had the Moms. My mom just loved him.


Some folks don't *need* to win Idol. Like Daughtry. Sometimes losing is better. And McPhee hasn't exactly had a snooze of a life ...

1 hour ago, Khan said:

Don't blame Taylor Hicks for being mediocre.  Blame the millions who watched his performances and said, "Yeah, that'll do."


That too ....


But girls don't seem to vote for girls. Lots of talented women have lost Idol over the years as mediocre "hot" guys get advanced further.


Adam Lambert was by far more talented than Kris Allen, yet Allen won and Lambert has had the career of a lifetime ... meanwhile, this fall Allen will be singing at a Disney theme park ... 


I've always had issues with Idol and it's voting as well as it's teen audience voters as well as the soccer moms .... 

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I blame Evangelical so-called "Christians" for Adam Lambert not winning.  After he came out officially, they had a campaign to not let a gay win, to vote Kris Allen. And yeah, I do hate the teen girl thing about the voting on IDOL.  IDOL this season lost some good people early in the Top 12, who were better than some that made the Top 5, especially that Kelly Clarkson wannabe and the horrible blonde chick.


Next season, I kind of hope there's a little switch up in the judging panel.  I do like the chemistry of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, but feel maybe a tougher judge a la the old style Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan or Sharon Osbourne, might be a great fit to balance out The Voice like coaching instead of critical judging like the old IDOL. 

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