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"The Conners" Discussion Thread

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A little amazing The Conners finished a full second season pre-pandemic -  I have another seven episodes left! It’s lovely to get reacquainted with the show after several months, and of course it was already renewed for.... whenever.


The live episode about the February New Hampshire primary was great. Michael Fishman remains an uncomfortably hot adult. Lecy continues to get the best one-liners, re: Harris’ computer warranty: “She’ll just send it back where she bought it. She’ll mail it to ‘guy on offramp with old army jacket.’” 


The big applause for Jackie commenting on Trump exposing the military via tweet and Becky mocking Putin was a surprise (and Lecy and Ames McNamara’s tickled reactions were cute). The kids surprisingly carried so much of the episode (even the “live from a studio audience” voice over); I wonder if McNamara has a theater background. The running joke about Mark supporting Buttigieg was cute. I did wonder if he broke when Emma Kenney (Harris) imitated him and the camera was behind him, I thought I heard him laughing. They’ve managed to make the Mark/Harris relationship three dimensional in its own right like Becky and Darlene, albeit very different. The new kids are coming into their own and they’re both strong actors now that the dialogue has gone beyond gags and platitudes. Kenney is tough but not a teen Darlene copy, and McNamara has the same sort of raw emotion and precise verbal articulation Lecy had as a kid and teen that always differentiated her from the rest of the family, though her Becky could be far more cruel back then. “I have no one to talk to now! I told Grandpa I had a boy crush and we ended up watching Spartacus and eating a bucket of fried chicken!”


Becky on Louise: “A woman in this town with that waistline and no meth problem?” It was nice to see all three kids get behind getting Dan to get Louise to stay and commit to her. 


It was nice to see D.J. get a lot more to do.


D.J.: You’re gonna get Dad to tell Louise that he loves her in two days? He’s never even said that to me.

Becky: Take a hint and move on.


Jackie impersonating Hillary and the kids catching her was a hoot. And I liked the cast voting PSA at the end.


Becky: After voting we go to a pizza place and have an embarrassing public fight about how we voted!

Darlene: But you cant make people feel stupid about their vote, unless you vote.


This show and other good sitcoms (like ODAAT, or my recurring Cheers binge on Netflix) are a real steady comfort in this time, just like classic soaps have been. I hope others will catch up too (hint hint @DRW50) I also need to catch the Parks and Rec and 30 Rock pandemic specials...

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