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"The Conners" Discussion Thread


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They really have been going all out and going strong in impossible times. I have a season-plus to catch up on, lol.

Jayden Rey has gotten so big! She's beautiful. The interactive element sounds very risky.

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Nice that Michael Fishman is still included but seriously his handling of the few lines he is given always sees them landing with a thud.

DJ and his family serve no purpose and could be relegated to a few guest shots.

What happened to Mark's gender fluid clothing choices? That aspect has been completely dropped.

Not sure what the point of the live episode was? They've done it before and better. The phone calls were weak and the 'in joke' references dropped in (Darlene running to another set)  didn't work for me.

Looking forward to a return to the usual format next week.

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I hated the self-referential parts and I'm so over Darlene's tears every episode. This is supposed to be a SITCOM, people!

The parts with the real life Conners were cringe. I felt so bad for the actor playing Mark having to do it. Couldn't help but notice his growth spurt though! Maybe that's why his wardrobe was so blasé?

Did anyone else think Emma Kenney looked rich trying to look poor, compared to everybody else especially? 

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