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slick jones

GH: April 2017 Discussion Thread

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6 minutes ago, victorlord75 said:

He looked good and it was nice to see him, but wow!  What an otherwise ho-hum episode.  YAWN!


He did and it was nice to see him. Yeah the episode was snoozeville. Carly snarling at Nelle, Sonny yelling, Brad creeping around corners spying on Finn, zzzzzz

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16 minutes ago, amybrickwallace said:


Sonny yelling? Surely you jest! ;) :lol:



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Right now, the only story interesting to me is Ava and her panic over Morgan's pills.  My list of things uninteresting is much longer.  The mystery of Jake and the Scarecrow has not grabbed my interest.  I do not care about Hayden, Finn, or his addiction.  I absolutely hate how they have dumbed down and de-clawed Jordan.  The whole mystery of Tracy's painting was boring, too, until she came home with it and there was all that Quartermaine banter.  That was fantastic!  I thought it would have been alot more interesting if the painting had disappeared for longer and was hidden somewhere in the house.  The search within the mansion have been hilarious, but, then, what do I know ?  I guess they had to hurry everything with Jane's imminent departure.  I think she will be missed even more than most fans have thought.20171110851666820171110851666

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On ‎4‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 2:34 PM, KMan101 said:




I know, shocking isn't it! LOL


When does Sonny NOT yell - or throw glassware across the room, etc.?

1 hour ago, victorlord75 said:

The mystery of Jake and the Scarecrow


That sounds like a spinoff of Scarecrow & Mrs. King. :lol:

1 hour ago, slick jones said:

So Jake is afraid of SBu's Jason. So am I now that he's available to return...


Make that three of us!!!

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New press photos 




"Seriously, , I so deserve a raise... and a barf-bag"

"Altoids, please..."





"Thank God for my Criminal Minds spin-off role. At least I get to do something there..."




"If the three of us were on more than twice a month, I would so kick your ass."  

"Go ahead and try (to appear more often Andre),  I've hit this more than you ever got to. See you in mid-May."








Who is she screwing to keep this job?

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2 hours ago, KMan101 said:

I wouldn't. I actually prefer Miller.

I prefer the way Miller's Jason is written, that's for sure. He's no longer a God who is always right. I'm not keen to see that change.

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