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GH: "Actress" takes a break from show...

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1 hour ago, cassadine1991 said:

He was only hired because he gave Frank a hard-on

Well that's obvious

I still remember when he got one after seeing.....


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Whatever happened to him btw....LOL

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On 3/29/2017 at 0:51 AM, amybrickwallace said:

I've been out of the loop for quite awhile, but how was Kirsten's acting before she took this leave? Was she still hitting her marks, was her line delivery OK, etc.?

I'd say she was doing ok before she left, but you could physically see she was in distress.

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5 hours ago, dragonflies said:

What about Brooke Newton as nuMaxie?

I'd find Maxie alot more believable as a fashionista with her in the role. I never really got into that online season of AMC she was on but I saw her a in TV movie last year called Late Bloomer and I liked her in that.

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