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I will be rewatching them on All Access.


Lesley Goldberg said on her THR podcast a month ago that the show is in flux - possibly that CBS All Access could pick it up, and other rumors swirl that it's because Pop TV may be moving away from scripted work in part due to the pandemic. I think its home at Pop would've been safe for a while if not for COVID-19. I hope the show is okay.

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Gloria Calderon Kellett on ODAAT's future. COVID is a curse. @DRW50 @All My Shadows


Calderón Kellett said the broadcast premiere is a “big deal” for the show. “We really want to get the word out that if people want more One Day at a Time, the best shot is a home at CBS where we could make the show for many more years and have a proper broadcast home. So it’s thrilling. It’s really thrilling, and we’re so excited, and we want to make more.”


One Day at a Time, like many shows, was forced to stop filming early this year. While the hope was that Season 4 would resume, that’s no longer a reality.


“The rest of Season 4 is not going to happen. Our set is down,” Calderón Kellett confirmed. “What we shot of Season 4 is our Season 4. So now it’s determining whether or not we get a Season 5. So we need to do well on CBS to get a Season 5.”


The show had unsurprisingly soft numbers last night due to minimal promotion. I hope it finds a way to eke it out, since its future seemed so stable on POP before the pandemic.

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I will be watching all the episodes (again) on CBS All Access. They got dealt a very bad hand by COVID.




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So they didn't air the animated special then? I think I set up the two last night on my DVR...I will have to see if the animated episode is around anywhere. 


That they got a 4th season was a wonderful gift, but I really hope they will at least get to say goodbye. 

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I know places to find the animated episode if need be.


It's awful the fourth season got curtailed and they now find themselves fighting to survive again. I don't know if they have a chance, but I hope so.



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4 hours ago, DRW50 said:

I was going to watch but nothing is showing up. I never do know how Instagram Live works...


I bet it'll end up on YT.

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