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Netflix: One Day at a Time

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I think we may be seeing more of these types of jumps -- from streaming to a network--in the future.  CBS All Access quietly decided to run the first couple seasons of the streaming platform's most popular, highly acclaimed series The Good Fight on CBS network during the summer. It will be interesting to see what the results are considering how different TGF is from CBS' usual fare and also the fact that being on a streaming platform has allowed TGF to take a lot more risks in the writing and characterizations than the traditional CBS network series. 

Cable, I would imagine would be a more seamless transition from streaming, considering the risks cable has already been taking with its shows for decades.

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On a semi-related note of schadenfreude, I saw this coming the instant I heard these actors wanted raises upon renewal a couple weeks ago. Conventional wisdom has been floated that Netflix cut ODAAT because it felt its own show, On My Block, would be equally palatable and/or interchangeable in terms of Latino-centric programming while no longer having to pay out to a third party like ODAAT. And now...



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