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2017: The Directors and Writers Thread

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You mean this guy.....and yes he was fired last month from his wrestling HW duties...LOL.... He is the one on the right.


Tom Casiello


7 hours ago, DRW50 said:

They could always hire that guy everyone wept for because he wrote "cut the crap" and "Jack Abbott black rabbit." Or is he still doing wrestling? 

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11 hours ago, Vee said:

Sara Bibel has been reduced to podcasting for Daytime Confidential. You'd think she'd rush back.

I've seen her writing for various outlets. I don't know exactly who she is working with right now though but I do recall her work with Daytime Confidential. Still I do think she'd be a smart choice to look into bringing back. 


Tom Casiello I love as a person but I'm not sure he would even want to come back. 

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Sara definitely comes cheaper than Kate Hall though!  But glad YR is bringing back the younger writers who had invested in the show. Sara had been a writers assistant, I think and graduated to scripts and breakdowns before Latham fired her.  I wonder if Sally is going to have five writers or four contract script writers and rotate guest script writers for a while.  I wouldn't be surprised if Rebecca Taylor goes next.  I know she was AMCs premiere dialogue writer for years but I've never thought her scripts clicked on YR. I'd love to see Melissa Salmons on staff. Maria Bell fired her after 13 weeks.  And Paula Cwikly was a wonderful break down writer for the show and went fi - core and wrote the show during the strike.

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