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DAYS: Christopher Sean Interview

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16 minutes ago, jfung79 said:

Thanks!  I guess I was motivated to post by Days being good again, LOL.


It's good to see your detailed posts on the show again. They remind me of when this was such an active board. I hope you're doing well. 

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3 hours ago, jfung79 said:

I think they are bringing back Will soon and keeping it on the down-low.   For there to be a triangle, they need Sonny and Paul together by the time they find out Will is alive, so that's why they've gone from 5 mph (it wasn't quite 0) to 30 mph on this all of a sudden.  Glad to see Sonny with Ari the other day.  


The show has recovered since Ryan Quan became co-head and Josh Griffith left.  More of a character-driven feel like the Tomsell days that got me hooked, more warmth, less darkness, and excellent pacing day-to-day.  


Days often does good Christmas and holiday episodes, but this has been much different from the post-murder depression of last year.  


The surprising connection of Adrienne and Kate over Adrienne's cancer has been written and performed brilliantly.  


I couldn't wait to watch the next day when Chad found Abigail with Thomas.  I know it's good soap when I'm rushing to watch.  I hope Days will be as good when (I'm really starting to think it's when, not if) Will is revealed, but without Will slinking around for a couple months.


Nice to see you posting!


It's actually a lot better. I give the show a hard time but I do notice it being more character driven. I'm just not loving everything. I'm probably too nit-picky but It's more frustration than actual dislike. I don't think Higley is good for the show but it really could be worse, I guess. I don't think Quan has that much influence but the show is probably better than if Higley were on her own.


I don't like that Abby's mental illness is being used as a plot device and that Abby is angst for Chad and Gabi. I feel like JJ is being thrown under the bus for this story. It's going to get worse, Dario becomes more involved. I think the writing is quite slanted at times. I really can't stand Hope and Rafe, or the entire Hope prison story. And the ludicrous angles they keep going to in order to make Stefano alive. The show lost credibility a long time ago.


Sonny and Paul are afterthoughts. I hope that changes but they've barely rack up 5 appearances a month, at least Paul. Derrick and Paul, while I know the audience isn't supposed to root for them, we really never saw them together. It's all off-screen.


Kate and Adrienne have been a huge bright spot. Seeing Laura and Nancy pop up here and there has been great. It was nice seeing Kim and Shane, but Shane's not doing anything and Kim is already forgotten about. It will be nice to see Anna, Carrie and Austin. Shawn's being wasted because Higley has no interest in writing for him. Theo, Valerie and Abe get four appearances a month, not really enough to tell a story but with Eli coming on, maybe that will pick up in the new year. It's also been nice that Doug and Julie have finally taken on the patriarch and matriarch roles and are used on a regular basis. I hope Julie has more to do with her grandson coming on.


I don't like that Chloe's demonized for giving Nicole a baby. VI has been pretty wasted as Deimos. I sort of hate that Nicole has Daniel's child, but I'm glad she finally has a baby. I just wish Nicole were written more in character and less weepy and I think the old Nicole would have done what Deimos and Brady did and figure out the entire baby thing on her own.


I'm glad someone's finding the show enjoyable, it really isn't *that* bad. I'm trying to let go of my nitpicks but it's hard. I think the show could be a lot better.

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