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Days: Joe Mascolo has passed away

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One of the most charismatic actors soaps have seen. He made so much of JER's campy, absurd material seem fun and yet also appropriately twisted. More than anything I enjoyed his off-kilter relationship with Celeste, and his unexplored relationship with "Alexandra." 


I'm glad the show kept him on-contract to the end instead of treating him as some kind of burden. 

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Aww man! :( I literally was just thinking about him too! I actually love mimicking his voice when I'm board at work if that doesn't sound weird, haha, but another sad loss for a dynamic daytime legend!



RIP!!! :(

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I had no idea he was so I'll or that he was 87. Even though Stefano was turned into a cartoon through the writing, JM always brought humanity and a presence that still made him worth watching. A class act. No need to be sad, he lived a wonderful life and gave people a ton of pleasure over the years. Thank you, Joe! 

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No!! I loved Joe and Stefano Dimera.  Stefano was my favourite character on DAYS, and no matter what absurd things Stefano did, I always loved it because of Joe's portrayal.  He never phoned it in, he was always so watchable.  Some of my favourite storylines involved him: Maison Blanche, Aremid, Marlena's Possession, and Lady in a Cage.



Thank you, Joe!  RIP! :(



1 hour ago, Roman said:

The Phoenix has now risen to the Heavens.

Wow, this got to me.  Great line, Roman.  :(

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