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Fair City

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I open a thread as I didn't find one. Is there anybody watching here? I started watching two months ago and I like it.

Paul is a great bad boy. Love the dynamic with Niamh and Oisin.

The Katy mystery is interesting even if I don't have all the clues as I only started watching. Debbie is irritating. Hope Jackie and Eoghan would be more upset with her.

The older characters seem to be there for comic relief mostly. Dolores and Angela sparring was fun last time.

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The show is good with Katy's kidnapping reveal. The tone is closer to Corrie if I had to pick another UK show. Some storylines are dragging way to long as Damien/Caoimhe. Many characters disappear for weeks. It's very upsetting. Paul/Niamh/Dermot/Oisin were great but they all vanished.

Rose O'Brien is my new favorite. Granny is tough !

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