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Daytime Emmy Winners 2016

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From what I saw, it was quite stripped down and basic as @Gray Bunny said.  This is pretty much an Emmys awards befitting the state of daytime.  I was prepared for worse, having lowered my expectations over the years so it wasn't as bad as I had braced myself for.  The good part of it being uploaded was that I could fast forward through any acceptance speeches that didn't interest me, but otherwise, they kept that ceremony moving (maybe a shorter distance to the stage?  smaller stage= less wandering around on the way to the stage to collect the statuette).  


The segment on "Issues" that soaps addressed contained clips with actual dialogue, unlike the acting clips-  I still can't figure out why the acting clips don't have actual scenes with intelligible audio :rolleyes:.  Seeing a bunch of crying faces or wild gesticulations does nothing to convince me that so and so deserves the prize for performance and I'm not going to bother going to a separate website to look at submission reels.  It kind of diminishes the moment for the actor and even writing/directing categories when you can't fully take in the scenes contained in the clips, JMO.  In total, it would probably add an extra 7-10 minutes to the program but it's the part I used to enjoy the most from the Daytime Emmys- I don't watch any of the shows left so I'm not pressed about it like I would've been 8 or 9 years ago.


Does anyone know why the online soaps get their own category?  I think they should just compete with the network shows but I'm sure the likes of ABC, CBS and NBC wouldn't have it.  Part of the reason why I think much of the mainstream soap press was hostile to the TOLN/PP soaps was because the networks and the stars that they had courted for years looked at the PP soaps as threats- shows with history that may have posed a challenge to the primacy of the network daytime soaps.  With only 4 soaps, it seems like one of those pee-wee league competitions where everyone gets a trophy, if the web soaps were allowed to compete at least it would resemble something that looks like an actual competition with some suspense, even superficial.

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That got me, when they showed DC and he got the screams and claps and then seeing JY giving him a standing ovation. My heart :(:(



I so so agree!  It was very touching!  Had to grab for the tissue. 


Overall I think the show was okay.  Not what it was in it's glory days but certainly not as bad as the last couple years.  I too wished it had clips of the actors reels.  On the plus  side... there were no commercial breaks and for the most part nobody was rushed off stage.  The lifetime achievement presentation was also touching.  


Hopefully one of you can help me identify somebody in the audience.   Around the 1:38(one hour 38 minutes)  mark they showed a blonde lady in a black dress with a pierced lip.  Who is that?  Please let me know if you know! Pleaseeeeee and thanks in advance. 

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