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A beginners' guide to the new faces on DAYS @ mySONtv + DAYS #83


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If you've been following my Days of our Lives fanfic story the last few months, you've noticed a couple things: a - I'm barely posting (sorry), and b - a slew of new and semi-familiar faces trickling onto the canvas. Here's your chance to get a bit more familiar with some of the cast additions before checking out the latest instalment of Days of our Lives at mySONtv.




played by Cornelius Smith Jr.

Jerome is the grandson of respected doctor and popular returning Salemite, Valerie Grant (Tina Andrews). Raised primarily by his grandmother, Jerome is a man with a lot to prove, and the brains and charm to back it up. Introduced as a former flame of eco-terrorist-turned-physiotherapist Jordan Ridgeway (aka Kaylie Matthews) (Chrishell Stause), Jerome is summoned to Salem to help Jordan and Sheryl Connors (Jade Harlow) with their ultimate plan: to take down Titan's newest business, the EnerNext oil fracking scheme. Jerome's plan to take down Titan's systems through a virus appears set to cause enough damage to ruin the increasingly-fragile Titan once and for all, but will there be a wrench thrown into the works?

Find out what happens on this instalment of Days of our Lives.

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