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Back in the day, I found actor Chad Everett (Dr. Joe Gannon on Medical Center) to be quite dreamy.








But in all seriousness, how could he ever sit down in these teensy shorts without exposing his...stethoscope?








I mean, even just regular pants were ((ahem)) challenging enough.





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Cast your mind back to 2007 on Days of Our Lives. I know what you're thinking ... I am here for pleasure, not torture. But my fellow doubters I have a gift for you. Everyone remembers the blowfish known as Willow Stark, but do you remember her brother Jed Stark, who looked like he was going to be paired with Abby (Ashley Benson), before disappearing after a small handful of episdoes? Here's what he looked like then ...




And here's what he looks like now!!!






You can find much more goodies on his instagram @frankmentier Plus, for bonus points, I think it's pretty obvious he's an out and proud gay man too!

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I’d never seen the night version of Access Hollywood, but I stumbled upon it tonight, and my oh my, the co-host is just stunning. His name is Scott Evans (like the former OLTL star and brother of Captain America). He reminds me a bit of Nate Parker but without the homophobia and the problematic past.





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